Wednesday, April 3, 2019


My sister returned to California yesterday. We had a wonderful two weeks, we felt like we were in a time warp as the time just flew by. It was so nice having someone in the house that could speak more than dog! Thankfully her flight was yesterday as it is snowing here this morning.
The dogs will get back into their normal routine, although they were not out of it by much.
We spent time with the pups and had so many laughs over their antics. They are getting more steady on their feet but more comical. They are beautiful pups and have such wonderful calm temperaments. They will be wonderful companions for their new families.
The pups are four weeks today so time to get busy socializing and getting them used to new things and experiences. I have my work cut out for me but I love it. I will be busy but it will be good for me, since spring does not want to stay, I need to be busy.
It has been a long winter for me but also for the dogs. I know they have cabin fever. I put a couple of bales of hay in the dog yard to cover the ice that is still there and that gave the dogs good footing so they could run some. My large area is still snowed in, it will be awhile before I can get them out to really run. It will be soon I hope. 
I did breed Rosie to a son of Ch Jesstar Raseri and I am hoping it worked, but Rosie is a little older and it may not happen. This is a line that I really want to bring into the line that I have.
I spend a lot of time researching pedigrees and trying to find pictures of the dogs in the background. It is very rewarding and gives me a direction to go in my breeding program. I try to breed closely to the standard to improve the breed but mostly I want to produce healthy and sound pups, mentally and physically. Most of my pups become family companions and the families deserve pups that will live out their lives, healthy and happy.
Health and temperament are priorities whether show potential pups or family pups.
It is amazing to watch instinct take over with the pups. They know mom is in the room before she even gets through the door. Pretty amazing.
The breakfast time clocks are starting to go off. They definitely have inner clocks and they are now ready for breakfast. They don't have much patience.
Hope to get some more current pictures soon. I should get going before the little yips turn into full blown barks. They have been so good while I was writing, so time to end.
                                                                        3 weeks

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Carolyn said...

Are these adorable little Sheltie pups going to be for sale? I have always had and still have rescue Shelties. I have been searching for the last several months(since our 13 year old Tri female crossed the Rainbow Bridge on New Years eve) and there have not been any available rescue Shelties in the Massachusetts area. So I am trying the hobby breeder approach. A young Sable male would be ideal, but I am flexible.
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