Monday, November 2, 2015

Once again I am remiss at keeping the blog up. I really need to try to do better with my news! 

Chanel did have her pups, 2 boys and 1 girl. A blue boy and a tri girl and boy. They are lovely pups and what I was hoping to get from her when she was bred to Belmark Earthshaking. The two boys are now in wonderful homes and getting loads of attention and training. The girl is here with us and we are working and socializing to make her the best puppy ever! She is so smart and it only takes seconds to understand what you want and then she remembers. 
Chanel was an awesome mom for the first five weeks and then she decided that was enough. She would get in and feed and clean but after I coaxed in in with a cookie. Puppies had teeth by then and I think it hurt her too much to continue nursing. She also decided by then to sleep by herself at night and that was ok.

We have named the little girl Amy, Jopavist Maybe Amy. She starts a puppy class on Sat, Nov. 7 and I am looking forward to that. I took her to our rescue meeting Oct. 25 to socialize and she got plenty of that. She was passed around and held and petted and loved. She got to see some goats and chickens but not too close.

Jeep and I went to a Nose Work clinic and had a lot of fun. He really enjoyed all the treats when he scented the right box. You could tell he was really enjoying the day. He is back in Agility Classes with Diane at Ellis Dog Training, we are getting him ready to run a trial in December. By the way Ellis Dog Training in Gonic NH is an awesome place to train. All kinds of classes are offered from Puppy to Competition.

Thats the news from here today, hopefully I can remember to keep up with everything that is going on!