Tuesday, April 30, 2019


Pups are out of the pen and running in the kitchen, a good day for play. Not nice enough outside to get any work done and even though it is gray and gloomy the pups are full of vinegar and happy to play. They have two new toys and they just love them and fight over them. Not real fighting just tugging and trying to take the toy away from whoever has it. 
Tomorrow morning they will all get baths and then in the afternoon go for their health check and their shots. This will be their first car ride and hope they do well with it. Right at this moment they are running around the table as fast as they can go.  Hopefully they will get really tired and take a long nap this afternoon. Now that they have experienced freedom for the past couple of weeks that is all they want, run and play. Once the pen is cleaned and they go back for their lunch, the will cry, bark and howl, they don't want to be in there. 
They are ready for their new homes, time to bond with their new families. I will miss them, Topaz might at first but she is happy to be done with caring for them. Although right now she is up here playing with them. It took her awhile to learn to be a good Mom, and I bet her next litter way in the future, she will be an awesome Mom. The pups develop so fast, they are ready to learn things like sit and lie down, learning at this young age, 8 weeks they will remember forever. Their little brains are like sponges, they catch on so quickly and are so proud of themselves when they do get it. 
The next stage, eight weeks to sixteen weeks, their development is up to the new families.
This is the time that they need to be socialized as much as possible and as much as is safe and not overwhelming. You will find with giving the attention that is needed as this age you will have confident and happy young adults.
Time to clean the pen again and put the pups in for lunch and hopefully a nap! And maybe not!!
Here are a few photos you might enjoy!

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