Friday, June 1, 2012

New Sheltie faces in our home!

Our Sheltie family has grown this past year. We have purchased a lovely tri male pup and his younger sister.
The tri male is Jeep and has the most wonderful temperament. We have been training in agility since Oct.,2011.He is a quick study and almost ready to trial. He has been a blast to work with. He just loves everyone and keeps life very interesting. Little sister Rosie who is also a tri joined us in December of 2011. She is as cute as can be and has a lovely outgoing temperament. She is going to her first dog show in two weeks and we are excited to see how she will handle it. She is in beautiful puppy bloom so who knows maybe she will take a ribbon. 
These two pups are the last to join our family. Tri colors have always been a favorite of mine and they now make the family complete.
It will be great to go through next winter with everyone all house trained. Makes life so much easier.
I plan to spend the rest of the summer working on obedience with Rosie, Lizzie and Brooke. My goal is for a CGC certificate for all by the fall. A huge goal but one I think we can attain.

We have closed our agility shop and no longer sell equipment. With the economy the sales were very slow and not worth the effort of keeping a separate website.  I still teach agility on Tuesday mornings and my group has grown. We have about eight participants now and it really is so much fun. This is not a class for competition but for bonding with and having fun with your dog. 
This is Jeep!                                     Illusions Jopavist I Get Around 
 This is Rosie!                                 Illusions Jopavist Winter Rose
Jeep is now 15 months old and Rosie is now 7 months old. We do need to update Rosies picture.