Saturday, November 23, 2019


Even for a temporary visit adding to the pack can be challenging. I have taken on two Shelties to help my friend through the winter. The whole routine is disrupted, the new dogs need to forget their old routine and become part of the pack. The puppy does not understand which door to come into and to stay in while the others are coming in. She runs in and then runs back out.I get a treat and go get her which can be a chase, but now as I approach her she sits and I praise her for the sit and pick her up. By this time the others are all in and making their way upstairs. Thankfully Finn has learned the stairs as for now I need to carry the puppy up. She needs to be more settled in before I try to show her how to do the stairs. They can be scary and that she does not need. I am thrilled that she is sitting as I approach her as she will learn the sit quickly. Being Finns sister I expect her to be as smart as he is. He picked up basic training so easily. I love working with hm. Now that Sammy is back I will continue with his house training and hopefully he will make the connection. He is a good boy and wants to please so I am hoping that this time it will be easier for him.In the morning I take my dogs out as I usually do and then Walter on a leash as he gets over aroused with all the commotion of the dogs going out. Once Walter is out I go pick up the pup Deedee and let Sammy out of his crate and they are the last two to go out. Letting everyone out all at once is too chaotic. My seniors have the small dog yard at the side of the house now so they do not have to go downstairs, this is really helpful. Walter and Sammy have accepted each other well for two teenage boys.The one who is really in charge in the house is Keeper and he does not hesitate to let the others know that what they are doing is not acceptable. They all respect Keeper and will back off when he gives a warning. I think by a week the new dogs will be well integrated and will have learned their place in the pack.  I brushed Bling yesterday and took out enough hair to make another dog. They don't usually shed this much twice in one season but it has been a strange weather year and they are all shedding again. Glory is completely brushed and bathed and her coat looks wonderful. 
The inner clocks are going off so I need to get dinner ready, it is a bout 2 minutes before 4 and they know it.
I call them my mob!

Friday, November 22, 2019


Went to visit my friend Kathleen, Illusion Farm Shelties, I brought home Sammy and Deedee for the winter. She has a lot of Shelties and needed to take a couple less.Two are going to another friend and Sammy and Deedee will be here. I don't really need two more dogs but I wanted to help. Sammy seems very happy to be back here. Deedee is Finns sister and I will do some training with her. Just some basics,while I continue to work with Finn. I plan to join Susan Garrett's on line training program again this winter. It is a very motivating program. It will keep me on track with the young dogs.
Almost dinner time and every one is sleeping and being good. As soon as I say the dinner word they will be up and raring to go.
The rain is finally leaving and I see some sun, now that it is ready to set. Hopefully my dog yard will dry out tomorrow. The dogs don't seem to mind the wet and rain but I don't like for them to get very wet.I am so looking forward to some warm days, at least a few before winter really hits. Can't believe how the dogs are shedding again. Brushed  out Bling completely today and got a shopping bag full of hair. It is so late in the year for this.
Well I do need to get feeding, they are now getting antsy. 
All for now!

Thursday, November 14, 2019


I know this is kind of crazy to write about but I have been on a search for dog biscuits, that are healthy, no additives of any kind and grain free. I think that I have tried every kind of biscuit that there is for dogs. Of course the dogs have tried them and they love them all. Well I wanted something not too big,  no preservatives and healthy ingredients and preserved naturally.
Well I have finally found them, they are called Wag More,Bark Less. They are grain free, have pea flour, canola oil, flax seed, peanut butter and apple. The dogs went crazy over them. They are not too big and not small, some are star shaped with happy faces and others are round with dogs sleeping under a cloud. They look like homemade cookies. It makes me happy to find something that the dogs really love. Funny how little things can mean so much.
Sammy is coming back to visit for the winter months. I am looking forward to seeing him again and maybe I will be able to house train this time. Also Finn's sister is coming to visit too. I will be doing some training with her. I am doing this to help out my friend, Kathleen. Just don't want to get too attached to them. I know that I will. Sammy and Walter will have to readjust to each other and hopefully they will get along well. 
Well it is time to feed dinner and the dogs clocks are going off. They always know when it is dinner time, more so than breakfast time. Breakfast can fluctuate about half an hour or so.
But if dinner is late they sure let me know. Hopefully warm enough tomorrow to walk.
All for now.


Wednesday, November 13, 2019


I know that everyone is feeling the cold and the wind that makes it even worse. My gates were frozen this morning and had to take a shovel to loosen them. The water bucket was solid ice.
The young ones are out for a few minutes this morning, they seem to handle the cold fine. They run and play which keeps them warm but I feel cold just watching them outside so they will be in soon. Enough time to take care of business and then will be in. They are still blowing coat and it does not seem to matter. I am going to do more brushing this morning, trimming nails and feet so that when we get real snow, the ice and snow will not accumulate between their toes. When the hair gets too long on their feet I call them snowshoes as they really pick up the snow. I guess that this unexpected winter will be with us for awhile. I miss walking on the trail with Rose and Finn. Finn needs the training and Rosie needs the exercise to drop a few pounds.
Maybe by the end of the week the temps will moderate and I can get out there.
I need to get moving now with Walters on line trick class. He does the hi five beautifully and he loves to do it. I think next I will try teaching him to sit pretty and then the touch command. 
I think too that I will work with Finn also. He is so smart and loves to learn. He has just managed going down the stairs and he is so proud of himself. He has been coming up for some time but going down is scary and took him awhile. Now I don't have to carry anyone down and that makes life much easier. Thankfully the sun is out and sure hope that it warms up some.
You would think that with all the brushing I do I would get caught up, but it just keeps coming. It would be nice to have a whole house vacuum that would just suck up all the dust bunnies, which really are sheltie bunnies!!
Out to get the young ones, they will be full of it this morning for sure, but thankfully I have Keeper and he is my discipline helper. Such an awesome boy.He keeps the young ones right in line. Hope you all keep warm and don't leave the dogs out too long.
This is Girly and she is in charge of all the Shelties, they really respect her.

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Blowing Coat and It Is Winter!!!

This morning it was 28 degrees and just plain cold. And I still have dogs blowing coat. It has been a strange year for coats, seems like they have been blowing since August. I needed a jacket and gloves to clean the dog yard this morning and boy it was cold. The dogs love it, they run and chase and play, they had a blast. Next spring I am going to enlarge the dog yard so they can run full tilt. It is so much fun watching when they get the zoomies. Last night they were in and out of the dog houses and over the dog houses. I will do some more brushing today to get rid of any loose coat. Then hopefully they will start growing their winter coats. Normally when Shelties are in full coat, under and outer coat they are quite warm and can handle most any weather. Finn has lost all his puppy coat and is pretty naked, it will be awhile before he has any coat to warm him up. He doesn't seem to mind at all, just as full of it as all of them. I think this cold makes them feel good and they just get real frisky. 
I visited my friend Kathleen yesterday to help her with some on line record keeping. She will be going to Florida the end of the month and now Sammy and possibly Woody who is a son of my Walter will be spending the winter with me.Only four months so will not be hard to have two more for those four months. Woody is just a little older than Finn so they should have a great time together.
Walter is going in for his OFA hip x-ray next week and fingers crossed that they are good. His father has excellent hips so hoping for good or better. This is part of the testing we do with our breeding dogs, so that we can guarantee healthy pups. Two of the most important tests are  the eye certification and hip x-ray. Another test that is good for all dogs to have is the MDR1 which is a medical drug resistance test. If it is normal then your dog will likely be able to tolerate most drugs without problems. If it is not normal then there could be medications that you would need to be careful using with your dog. This is an important test for any dog.
Need to get busy since I took yesterday off. Thankfully I am ready for winter except for lots of coats to brush. 


Monday, November 4, 2019


When I went to visit my friend on Friday I took Finn with me. The little stinker would not walk from the car to the house, not far at all. He sat and would not move. Well we have a vet appointment tomorrow and I know he is able to walk from the car to the door. So today we took a nice long walk on the trail. A few little pieces of chopped up roast beef made all the difference in the world. He was not good on staying on my left side but that will come in time. Every so often I would call him front and have  him sit. He did quite well with that. We did meet some people on the trail and he was a little unsure and then decided that they were fine and even wanted to jump on them, he knows the word off and came right off. He was behaving so well. We walked for a good half hour and I really enjoyed the progress he was making. I plan to get him out every day that we have good weather. This little guy is so tuned in to me and has so much potential. I have to find a class this spring for basic obedience and eventually a beginner agility class. I think that he would love it.
Rosie is usually my walking partner and she was pretty upset that I did not take her this time. I had to be sure that Finn walked well enough before I take two of them. Rosie loves to walk with me and gets pretty bent out of shape when I leave her. Tomorrow if the weather is good I will try taking both of them. I am so excited with Finn's attitude and I am really looking forward to training him. He has that spark in his eye and can be very intense. I plan to start him on tricks along with Walter. Pups grow up so fast, you don't want to waste any time and put training off, I am so glad that I started him at 8 weeks and worked him through 16 weeks. That is the time that their little brains are like sponges and they don't forget.
Now to continue on and bring him to his full potential, it is going to be a really fun journey.

Sunday, November 3, 2019


This time of year, actually now and in the spring my Shelties time clocks do not work  like ours do. They are set on one time and that never changes. So at 4:30 this morning they were ready to get up. No wonder I have been so tired today. I gave them their breakfast about 7:30 this morning and of course that was not on schedule. Their inner clocks are pretty amazing. They know when it is time to go out, time to eat and time to go to bed. So for the next week or so everything will be off schedule by about an hour. It takes that much time for them to get back on schedule and it does for me also. I do wish that we could leave the time alone. 
I am hoping to have puppies early winter but my girls are all very late coming in season and I wonder what is going on. Winter is a good time for pups as they will be ready to go come spring. 
I can't say that I am really ready for another winter but everything is done that needs to be. I even had to run my generator on Friday so I know that it is in good working order. 
I really miss going to training classes and I have looked everywhere for day time classes and there is nothing in the area. Guess I will wait for spring when the days a longer and go to an evening class. I have signed up for an on line trick class for Walter and that should be fun. He loves to do a high five so I am sure he will enjoy learning other tricks and he can then be tested and earn his Novice trick title. I had Finn well trained to walk on the leash and now at 5 and 1/2 months he has decided that he does not want to walk. He sits right down and is as stubborn as a donkey, even for treats. Guess I did not do a good job when I trained him as a pup, but he loved it then. I think that I will start tricks with him too, something that will be fun and get him excited about training again. He is still on the large side but a beautiful boy. I am hoping that he will slow down soon or settle back or both. 

We may have a visitor for the four months that my friend Kathleen is in Florida. Sammy used to live here with us but had difficulties house training, I am hoping he will remember the training that we did and have an easier time locating the door. I have missed him as he was a love and still is. I am actually hoping that he does come to visit. 
I am going to take the time this winter and put my book together. I am looking forward to that and to having it published. I think that you will love some of my short stories.
With so much company this past month it is a little hard to get used to being  alone again, but I am getting into it and I am not really alone, Keeper and Brooke are next to me all the time.
Once again I hope to not let the blog go for so long. Hopefully I will have more motivation as I get back to not having company. 
And I know that my granddaughter will remind me.