Tuesday, April 9, 2019


Pups are 5 weeks tomorrow and are really looking like Sheltie pups. They are doing so well. Today they will spend some time in the kitchen. They are really getting into playing with each other. So much fun to watch. 
Well the dogs alerted me to something in the basement. My dog room is down there as it is a walk out, daylight basement. Perfect place for my crates for the young dogs. I also have a kitchen sink and I feed the dogs there. 
The other day Walter was scenting something and running around like crazy. He knew something. I was coming down the stairs and this little white thing ran past into the old part of the basement. Scared me and I could not figure out what it is. I got on line and it is an Ermine, a member of the weasel family. I don't know how it got in here or why it would want to.Maybe it followed a mouse. Anyway it needs to go so I am borrowing a small humane trap and will catch it and take it a couple of miles away and let it go. At least it is afraid of the dogs. It is bad enough that we have more snow that has to be shoveled. Let alone having to catch this critter. It actually is cute, pure white with pink eyes. But I really don't want it here. I will have the trap tomorrow and I understand if I put cat food in it that will lure it in. 
I just have to keep a good eye on the dogs as I believe Walter thinks he could catch it. I really can't wait to get it out of here. Thankfully it stays in the basement. 
It is amazing that he could scent it and realize it does not belong here. Maybe he has a new calling in life, a go to earth dog, that would be very odd for a Sheltie. LOL
The young dogs love the snow and are out  there now, running and playing. Hopefully Topaz wears herself out and will be ready to spend a little time with her babies. She was up and ready to go out at five this morning. A bit early for me but when the dogs are calling you can't put it off. Topaz especially. She has been good about spending the night with her pups so I really can't complain. I hope that when she is older and has another litter that her maternal instincts will kick in a little better. She does care for them when she is with them, it is just that I have to put her in with them. 
Time to cut puppy nails again, I can just lay them on their backs on my lap and clip away. They are really good with that. I am going to start with a soft brush  today and get them used to being groomed. So with that and letting them run in the kitchen for awhile that should be enough for today. I want them to get used to changes gradually. 
A little more snow and freezing rain this afternoon. Well time to get the youngsters in, and dry them off. They don't mind being wet but I do, it can't be that comfortable. 
A few new puppy photos that I took yesterday.

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