Friday, November 23, 2018


A good time to sit and write after a very nice Thanksgiving with family and friends. I know that my granddaughter will be very happy to have me write again. 
I did all the preparation for the dinner myself, very different with not having Len here as he usually helped with some of the preparation. But I got it all done, Turkey cooking and the veggies were really easy. My son Lenny and his family brought the pies for dessert and the cool whip. Our friends Harriet and Bob came and they brought candied yams, which were delicious. 
Once Bob and Harriet left, all the dogs came into the living room and we played with them for at least an hour. Kaelyn who is 11 and Nathan who is 18 just love the dogs. They were down on the floor with them and the puppies were having such a good time. What a nice way to end a very nice Thanksgiving. Memories made!
Last year we visited the cemetery and put up a little Christmas tree at Lens headstone.Too much cold and snow to do that yesterday. Maybe if we get some rain and warmer days we will be able to get into the cemetery before Christmas and put a little tree up. Christmas was Lens favorite holiday. Maybe remembering this I will be able to get into the spirit of Christmas a little more this year.  I will try. Maybe Christmas eve I will stay up until midnight with the dogs and see what they have to say. I have always believed that the animals talk at midnight on Christmas eve. When I was a kid I used to go out to the barn to listen to the horses and sheep talk. So peaceful and quiet at that time of night, a little munching from the sheep chewing the hay. Some things just carry over from your childhood. You never give up believing these things. Animals are so  special that you never know what is possible.
My cat Girly, understands everything I say to her, it is truly amazing. This will be her first Christmas with me. She has been an awesome companion, helps to fill the void of missing Len. I would not know what to do without her. 
The dogs are wonderful also, but Girly just has a little spark of something special. Can't really put my finger on it. 
I have made a promise that I will finish my book in January. It is about three quarters finished and I am looking forward to getting it done. It is called Sheltie Heart! It has been a long time and needs to be finished up. I think that you will love it.
This is a hard time of year coming up but I intend to make every effort to make the most of this Christmas season and be very positive! All for now, maybe it won't be so long for me to get back to the blog, as I really do enjoy writing.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018


It has been raining since last night and very hard all morning. Good day to get paperwork done and some grooming.
The dogs absolutely hate going out in this kind of rain. Bling absolutely refuses. I actually have to pick her up and put her out. I can't blame them, I would not want to go out like that. 
Keeper is working out well with  his new home and they are going to keep him. He is learning so much already. He will start formal training after the 1st of the year.
Luke, also is doing very well. A little issue learning to go potty on a leash but has finally caught on and all is well. They love him so much and he is staying also.
So for young ones I have almost 5 month old Bonnie, who is a bi-blue. Very smart and takes to training like a duck to water. She  absorbs things so quickly. She surprised me this morning with running up the stairs when I brought them in to have coffee with me. Next, I have Topaz who is one year old, she looks like a tri but is a cryptic blue. She needs a lot more training as she thinks everything is a game, she wants to play all the time. And last is Walter, who is 16 months. I  hope to show him in the spring so we need to get started with show training.
Days like today are just not motivating for me. I am sitting here with a cup of tea, debating what comes next this morning.
I am having Thanksgiving here this year, my son and daughter in law and two grand kids will be coming. Since Len passed I have a really hard time getting into the holidays. But will make the best of the day. One holiday at a time, not thinking of Christmas yet. I pretty much still go one day at a time which is the easiest way for me. If I think too far ahead just too much to worry about.
I do feel good that I am ready for winter, as much as I possibly can be. Window air conditioners out, storms down. Furnaces cleaned and serviced. Just need to fill my gas cans for the snow blower and the generator. I am ready but not really wanting snow to come. 
Maybe do a couple of games with the pups today. No way that we can work outside. 
I also have pedigrees to research for my friend Kathleen. I do enjoy research work and today may be a good day for that. 
Time to try to get motivated and make this a productive day.
All for now!