Sunday, December 29, 2019


Making the right decisions for a dog that needs a new home is really difficult. You want what is best for the dog but also for the dogs that may already be in the home. So many dynamics to think of. Sometimes if  the dog in the home has been your only one for some time and has become possessive of you it may be hard to bring in another dog that is not a very young pup. The new dog needs are great for the first month or so and you want to have harmony in the  home. So I believe that when you have a dog that has been your only companion and is very bonded with you it may be easier to bring in a young puppy. All dogs are different and I want to make the transition easy for my dog who is going to a new home. Every one needs to be happy including current dogs. My Finn has been looking for a home for awhile and it has been a very hard decision. I have found a very Sheltie savvy home and they do not have any other dogs. Finn will get all the attention and time and that will make his settling in much easier. I am sad to see Finn go but I am happy with the home. He will get so much more than what I give him. Being so hard to let go it feels good when you can give them more in the new home than what they get from me. Finn did get too tall to be shown or bred. But he will have a wonderful life. As time goes on I may let one or two more go who would really benefit from a new home.
The only way I can truly be fair to my dogs is to have less and that is not an easy task. It is going to be so very hard to not keep a pup this time. Especially if I have one like Finn that is smaller.
I am going to try very hard to get great homes for my pups and not keep one. 
I hope to get back into classes this spring and you can't take them all to class. So choices have to be made. Who would benefit the most from the class and is it one who has the potential to go on and possibly compete. So my New Years resolution is to get busy and work with Walter. I believe he needs the most and has already had quite a lot of training and with more could possibly compete. So time will tell with him.He really does not like living in a pack. I know he would be better with one or two dogs. But first things first, the training and living in the house as a full time house dog. I think that he would love that. 
As you can see it is so good that I have the dogs. Much to think about and much to do with them. I would be lost with out them. As soon as Walters focus is no longer on the girls we will get started with his training. I will keep a journal so I know what he does well and what he needs for more work. I hope that the attention will help him to be happier living with the others.
A busy New Year coming up. I also plan to sit down and finish my book, if I put my mind to it I can have it ready for editing by the end of January. It is way overdue.
I think that I will give Brooke a good brushing while watching the football game. 
Happy New Year to all!

Thursday, December 26, 2019


Hope you all had a very happy Christmas. I often stay up until midnight to hear the animals talk but did not make it this year, guess it is just too late for me now.
When I was about 13 years old my Dad raised Collies and we had sheep and a couple of horses and I always went out to the barn Christmas eve to listen to the animals. I have always believed that the animals do talk, we just have to listen.
My Shelties had a good Christmas, a little meat in their food which they loved and a new big box of biscuits. The fur in the house has not been too bad as I have groomed all but two of my seniors. I plan to do that today. It really has been an odd year for blowing of coats, they blew coat in August/September and now again in December, just very strange. 
Many decisions to make for the New Year. A new home for Finn when I find the perfect place.
And maybe a home for Walter, he would be happier not living with a pack. He just wants to be with people and be in the house all the time. So will see what comes about. I co-own him with my granddaughter so much of the decision involves her.
The girls have been bred and I am hopeful for puppies late February. I really enjoy pups, even though a lot of work, I love having them. I am proud of the pups that I have, they are healthy in mind and body and it is awesome to see them turn into such beautiful adults.To see them become loving family companions!
Today I am taking a break, just spending time with the dogs. I am ready for a do nothing day.
Christmas is very different since my husband passed, I doubt it will ever be the same again.
So many new ways to adjust to. Thankfully my Shelties are still here for me and they don't change. They are wonderful companions and friends.
Hope the new year is good to all of you. 
I wish you all Happiness, Health and Prosperity in 2020.
All for now.

Wednesday, December 18, 2019


Finn is getting so pretty, he went through a stage between four and six months and everything looked out of proportion. Now the pieces are all coming together. I measured him today and he is 16 and 1/4 inches about 3/4 of an inch over for his age. If he stops growing then as an adult his shoulders could settle back a little and he might be in size but still 16 inches. It is really hard to make any decisions now. If at 8 months he has grown more and is 16 and 1/2 inches he would not settle back to 16 inches once done growing. Such a hard decision when you love a dog. All my young dogs have to be dogs that can produce or be show size. If he stops growing right now he may be ok but not growing after seven months is not very likely. Guess I just have to hang in there for one more month. 
Everyone says keep him anyway. I don't have to show him but I would want to breed him and for all my years of breeding Shelties I have always bred to the AKC Standard, also the standard of the American Shetland Sheepdog Association. I guess many who are not breeders don't understand that to improve the breed and keep the breed what it should be you really should not use an oversize dog. This is what happened in the early years of the breed, once you bring in large dogs they are there to haunt you forever. Size is back there and can still come through using in size dogs.Often in litters there are  one or two oversize pups and from parents that are in size. 
I have five seniors who are pets and they are wonderful and do not carry their weight except for being loving companions and that is really what it is all about. 
I don't want to give up breeding yet, it is part of my life. Maybe in a couple more years I will rethink breeding and just do training for fun and not worry about anyone carrying their weight.
It is expensive having 10 dogs so a litter now and then is a big help with the expenses. Can you imagine going through 50 pounds of dog food or more a month. Then there is all the genetic testing and that gets very expensive. I do it all but gradually one dog at a time. Then all the veterinary expense and there are times something major hits that you really were not ready for.
I want to breed quality, healthy pets as  companions for families.  So this is a hobby that I love dearly but it takes a lot of thought and commitment to care for the Shelties.
So back to Finn, if I keep him regardless of his size he will be dog number 10 and the youngest of my pack. I do have to split my time among all of them, that is only fair. When they are all in the house at the same time it can be chaotic, but they do settle down and it becomes a peaceable kingdom. They can be so good, most of the time, heaven help me if someone knocks on the door. Before Len passed I had him to bounce things off of and he was just as involved with the dogs as I am, so I had a variety of thoughts and ideas. I guess that is why it is so hard for me to make decisions now, it is just me. 


Saturday, December 14, 2019


I should not be amazed by what puppies get into but this was a new one for me. I am sitting at the computer and here this clinking noise, I definitely had to check that out. At first I could not find it , and then another clink. There is Dede the 6 month old visiting pup playing with the metal ring on the hearth. She was having a blast making the ring clink. She was fascinated with it. I don't know if she took it off the heat valve or if one of the others got it off and she grabbed it. But they were all trying to take it from her. What fun they were having and I was going to spoil it all, if I could get my hand down into the mass of all the open mouths. I finally outsmarted all of them. I have steam heat and the valves have these metal rings around the base, they are split in two pieces and it never crossed my mind that this could become a play toy. I am willing to bet the 6 month old took it off. Although the adults sometimes amaze me at what they do, as if they are still young pups. 
Dede the six month old pup is Finns sister that I am keeping for a friend. Actually they are 7 months now, time really flies. Two litter mates are a challenge, thankfully I house trained Finn early and he learned the stairs really quickly. 
I love these dogs and enjoy them so much but I think it is time to not grow out any more pups, a tremendous amount of work, but also so much joy!
I may put a few things out for Christmas this year, the first year since Len's passing that I feel a little like doing something for Christmas. I would love to get a group photo with red bows on everyone but that will never work. Maybe I will just do it with the seniors, that would work.

Monday, December 2, 2019


This morning when I let the dogs out Deedee the pup did not want to step in the snow and Finn her brother was ready to jump and catch snow flakes. He had a blast. The other dogs have all seen snow before. Brooke will be 10 soon and still does not like to get her feet wet or into the snow. I have to gently push her out. I have decided to find Finn a nice home. He is already 16 inches and at 6 months that is too tall to show or to breed eventually. I am looking for a good home and would like a performance home or one where he would get a little training. He is a really sweet pup and very smart. If I am patient the right home will come along for him. It is disappointing and hard to let go but will be the best for him. I usually just keep Shelties that I can show and breed. Unfortunately the Sheltie standard is 13 to 16" and any size over 16 or under 13 is a disqualification for show and breeding. That makes it hard as some really beautiful dogs are over 16 inches. And I get attached so it is important to get a really loving and safe home.
It is quite cold today but the snow has let up for now. Really hoping that it does not start up again. I am just not ready to get the snow blower out, although it is all ready to go. Hopefully it will warm up some and the snow will melt. 
Thankfully the dogs don't really  mind the snow and they do like to play in it. I need to make sure that all their feet are trimmed so they don't get little ice balls between their toes. When the feathering on their feet gets too long the snow and ice really stick. I call the long hair their snowshoes. 
I am going to make a schedule for training and try to work two of the young dogs every other day and then the other two on the off days. Maybe that way I can get everyone doing the basics. I would love to have them all sit and wear a red ribbon and have their picture taken for Christmas. So sit and stay will be my priority to start with. They will need a really good stay for the pictures. I don't have much time before Christmas. 
This is a hard time of year for me as I really miss Len and he so loved Christmas.I should try to get back into Christmas for his sake. 
Maybe this will be the year.
Pictured below is Finn. He is an awesome pup and very smart. I would love someone interested in training to get him. They would have so much fun.