Monday, January 28, 2019


Wow! did not realize how many days I have missed writing here. We had some very nice people visit yesterday to meet the Shelties. And I must say the pups were all so good. I was really proud of how they behaved. Even Walter let his personality shine, he can be such a funny boy and he just loves doing his high five. I think he feels proud of himself for learning this. My granddaughter taught him this little trick. From the way he behaved yesterday I think that he could be a therapy dog. He is very gentle when he meets people and that is so important for therapy. Rosie took turns laying at the visitors feet. She is such a good girl, loves everyone. She is a good ambassador for the Sheltie breed.
Topaz is still off her food and last night did not eat her bedtime biscuit. These are such good signs that she is pregnant. I should know for sure in a couple more weeks. It has been almost 19 months since we have had pups here. It is always such a special event. Keeper the sire is a wonderful producer and has produced better than he is. That is our goal to improve on the breed He has some very lovely kids out there.
Secondly we want to produce healthy pups both in body and mind. With Keeper and Topaz we should have awesome temperaments. Keeper probably has the perfect Sheltie temperament, he is calm and stable but friendly, a little wary of new people but warms up quickly, a very easy dog to live with.
I have had all of Walters health testing completed which is all normal and when he turns two he will have his hips checked. Important to do this testing!
Bonnie who is usually my little wild one was so good too. She greeted our visitors and then decided on a nap. 
Today is my least favorite day as it is dump day. Living in the country so much you have to take care of yourself. Every day seems to be a little easier. Later, off to a friends to help her groom her Shelties. 
I know that my granddaughter will be happy that I wrote. She usually reminds me that I have let too many days go by. She loves the dogs and wants to hear all about them. 
Bling is 8 years old and decided to take up reading last night. I have a book called the Dog Church and it is actually a place in Vermont. I guess the cover looked really good so she took it off and read the first page. I was so surprised, you usually don't see an 8 year old decide to read. 
Dog Church is a fun place to take your dogs, very pretty grounds for the dogs and also a small chapel for pictures of your deceased pets. 
Maybe Bling was trying to tell me something.
All for now.   


Tuesday, January 8, 2019


Well it snowed over night and it is still snowing. I always have a hard time with motivation on these gray days whether snowing or raining. I will wait for the snow to stop before I go out to clean up. 
In the meantime I will work with Bonnie, she definitely is ready for more training even having to train inside. Once we do a little training I will do some grooming. It is strange that my dogs are shedding this time of year. Not just a small amount of coat but a complete shed, losing all the undercoat. They usually shed like this in August. Maybe it is just this crazy winter we have been having with cold and warm. It seems to be the older dogs who have the most coat. The younger ones don't have the undercoat that the others have so that is a huge help. 
They all look so nice when brushed out. Will try to do some nails and teeth too. Which most of them hate, only because I did not start young enough, with the teeth. It is really important to try to brush your dogs teeth, dental disease can bring on so many other health issues. If you do a little each day they will eventually be good with teeth brushing. So important!
Starting with a young pup you can make a game of it, something to have fun with, and they will always look forward to the brushing. Be sure to use tooth paste that is made for dogs, our tooth pastes are not safe for them. Plus dog tooth paste is made to taste good which is a help. If you can be conscientious with this, regular brushing, you will not have to have cleanings under anesthesia, nor spend the money that it cost. It can be expensive!
So much to think of in caring for you new pup. If you start now your pup will grow up to enjoy the attention and grooming will be so much more pleasant for both of you.


Wednesday, January 2, 2019


Happy New Year to Everyone! Hope you have made some good goals with your dogs, whether it be obedience training, or just learning a few new manners. My young dogs can easily get out of control and act like they have not had any training. So it is now time to concentrate on them. 
I would like to have Bonnie herding tested in the spring and I can't do that with her if she is out of control and does not have a good recall. Basic obedience for her is a must. I can't just sit by and let her grow up.  She is 6 months now and really ready to learn. Maybe even a Beginner Novice in her future. Young Shelties love learning and they love to please you. 
For Keeper I would like to do some basic obedience training and then maybe shoot for a Rally title.  Lots of work for sure and he is almost 9 years old. Old dogs can learn new tricks. He is very engaging and I think will enjoy the training.  I remember reading the Sunny Bank Collie books by Terhune and how each Collie found his favorite place in the house and as I look around here I see the same thing. Keeper who has only been here a month has found his spot beside the couch in a corner. He loves it there and if I ever can't find him that is where he is. Bling who is also an older girl has picked the landing of the stairs that go to the dog room. I think she chose this place because the heat from the furnace comes up the stairs. And Max who will be 13 in a couple of months is always under the computer desk, his den and he gets upset when someone takes his space and Brooke usually tries to take it. Both Rosie and Brooke like the floor in front of the couch in the living room. Rosie is more under the coffee table than Brooke. 
Walter, Topaz and Bonnie are too young to have the run of the house yet so they have not found favorite places. Topaz's favorite thing to do is to grab the remote and often something clicks on the TV. She will run with the remote, maybe because it has a soft rubber cover on it. Once in her mouth it is a real challenge to get it from her. 
So it is time to get busy with training the young ones a few basic manners. If I don't we won't have a peaceful house and that won't work. I joined Susan Garrett's Recallers and with that I will have hopefully the motivation to get into training. Her training is game based and fun for the dogs and for me. 
Now is the time to get started, they are not getting any younger and this is a goal that I should be able to keep.

                 This is Amber who belongs to friend Kathleen, doing a pretty sit.