Sunday, June 7, 2009

Agility creates bonding with your dog!

Agility is a sport for dogs and people. The bond that is created by working in agility is amazing. You and your dog are learning to do new things together, you are meeting new people, new dogs and becoming familiar with new equipment. You are learning to work together, you run together, you do different movements, such as crosses, rear cross, front cross and blind cross. These crosses are done with many of the obstacles and are used so that as soon as your dog does the obstacle, you and your dog are headed in the correct direction to take the next obstacle. You need to practice these crosses time and time again. Your dog relies on you to send him to the correct obstacle so you need to be confident with what you are doing. The dogs can read your body language so well and pick up on every little move. You will begin to learn to read your dog too. You will almost be able to tell what he is thinking and know how to direct him. Your dog comes to rely on you and you need to be confident and in charge. You will be amazed how close you and your dog become when learning agility. It is a fabulous sport and most all dogs love it. My Shelties know when we are leaving the house for agility class.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Animal Wellness

Coming soon a new Animal Wellness brochure. Are you interested in Reiki for your animals, naturtherapy, homeotherapy, herbal supplements and many more natural remedies. Claire Horne offers many animal healing services. She will soon be adding to this blog for the benefit of animals in need.