Tuesday, April 30, 2019


Pups are out of the pen and running in the kitchen, a good day for play. Not nice enough outside to get any work done and even though it is gray and gloomy the pups are full of vinegar and happy to play. They have two new toys and they just love them and fight over them. Not real fighting just tugging and trying to take the toy away from whoever has it. 
Tomorrow morning they will all get baths and then in the afternoon go for their health check and their shots. This will be their first car ride and hope they do well with it. Right at this moment they are running around the table as fast as they can go.  Hopefully they will get really tired and take a long nap this afternoon. Now that they have experienced freedom for the past couple of weeks that is all they want, run and play. Once the pen is cleaned and they go back for their lunch, the will cry, bark and howl, they don't want to be in there. 
They are ready for their new homes, time to bond with their new families. I will miss them, Topaz might at first but she is happy to be done with caring for them. Although right now she is up here playing with them. It took her awhile to learn to be a good Mom, and I bet her next litter way in the future, she will be an awesome Mom. The pups develop so fast, they are ready to learn things like sit and lie down, learning at this young age, 8 weeks they will remember forever. Their little brains are like sponges, they catch on so quickly and are so proud of themselves when they do get it. 
The next stage, eight weeks to sixteen weeks, their development is up to the new families.
This is the time that they need to be socialized as much as possible and as much as is safe and not overwhelming. You will find with giving the attention that is needed as this age you will have confident and happy young adults.
Time to clean the pen again and put the pups in for lunch and hopefully a nap! And maybe not!!
Here are a few photos you might enjoy!

Wednesday, April 24, 2019


This morning due to the fact that I had to go for blood work early, really upset the routine for the dogs. They all went out at the same time as usual, around 6 am. Once they were all out I got the pups cleaned up and fed. I went to get the dogs and the young ones went back into their crates. They were confused but were good about going back. I tried to tell them it would only be for a short time and then we would have their cookies. My seniors all went back upstairs, expecting their morning treat, but no time for that. I could see the question on Keepers face, what is going on, this is not right. His eyes showed exactly what he was thinking. I did a quick handful of treats, that helped some. Brooke who always barks at me when I pick up my purse was quiet. I could see her saying, this is not right, its too early for you to be going out. Normally she gets quite rowdy when I leave, but this morning she was quiet as a mouse. My dogs are so into their routine, that when it changes they just don't know for sure what is going on or how to handle it. Their expressions go from questioning to comical. I would love to know just what they were thinking, and they do think. Don't ever think that they don't know how to think. I have watched them think things through and then make choices. Especially in agility training. There is the A frame with the tunnel right next to it. I would tell Jeep which obstacle to take and I could see him considering which was right, very tempting to take the wrong one when they are right next to each other. He always hesitated a moment and then made the right choice and took the correct obstacle. Keeper who does not like to go outside, always thinks about what I am asking. When it is raining he will look at me and I can see him saying "are you kidding me, I don't think so." 
They all have such different personalities but they all show me at times that they think. These Shelties are so intuitive, they seem to know my thoughts and they sure know my body language. It is past their breakfast time but they are all being good and waiting while I have my coffee. The minute I stand up from the computer they will be up and headed downstairs for breakfast.
Jeep is living with a friend of mine so that he can continue to work in agility. He is a fast dog and I am no longer able to keep up with him, actually it was always a challenge to keep up while he was running. 
I hope to continue with Bonnie's training in obedience, then go on to Rally, you can talk with your dog while competing and there is no running. Also Sammy needs some beginner obedience. So a busy spring coming up.
For now the puppies take up a lot of my time. They are most important as they are developing so fast. I want them to be able to handle the transition to their new homes without any problems. They are doing well.
The dogs have been so good waiting for breakfast that I need to stop writing for now and take care of them.

Monday, April 22, 2019


Last week was pretty busy, with  puppy people visiting and family visiting to see the pups too.
I could not squeeze out the time to write. Will try to make up for it this week. 
The pups are growing like weeds and personality is starting to blossom. They love running in the kitchen, I let them run a couple of times a day and then just before bed, they sleep really well. I am really pleased with the homes that each pup are going to. They will be well loved and cared for, exactly what you want for your babies and as they grow I am becoming more attached to all of them. Lots of work now but I am enjoying them so much.
Many chores to get caught up with and the weather is making it hard. I have hay in my dog yard to help with the mud but with so much rain even the hay is soaked and needs to be raked out. I will get a start on that this morning. I also need to make another dump run. Not my favorite job. Will get to that soon so I can get that crossed off the list.
I think I may need to buy some floor decking that is used outside to keep the dogs off the ground, they will need that until things dry up. Sure is not looking very dry this upcoming week.
Groomed two dogs over the weekend and need to get the rest of the seniors finished up. I will do that gradually this week. 
Now that the snow is finally gone the yard is a mess. It snowed early last fall before we could get all the leaves cleaned up. So now double work. I do have someone who will help me with this. Thankfully it is not all up to me.
There is now standing water in the agility area and once that goes I will be able to get the dogs out so they can really run and stretch their legs. Always something to keep them from running
It is a lot of work socializing the pups alone, Len used to help me with that. He loved to take pups on the couch with him. 
A nice Easter day for us. The dogs and I watched the movie Jesus of Nazareth and it sure brings back the meaning of life. Always good to reflect on that. I am thankful for every day that I can get up and take care of my animals.
So many thoughts today but really need to get going on my list of chores and getting the dump run done is priority.
Also puppy pictures need to be updated.
To me Easter is a renewal and time to move forward!
Wishing a good week for all of you!


Friday, April 12, 2019


Pups moved to the kitchen. Now they are more involved with the daily routine and confusion. I have two small puppy beds that I put in their pen, they are so cute, three in one bed and two in the other and they keep the beds clean.  At first Topaz would run to the other room where they used to be, she is realizing they have moved. Topaz slept in her own kennel last night and that worked out well. I fed the pups at 8 just before bed and then Topaz fed them before I took her to her crate. She still woke up early but not barking as frantically as before. They all go out together which is much easier. While they are out I go clean pups and make their breakfast. They all pooped in one spot which is so easy. They caught on to the beds so quickly. After the pups are fed and all set I make my coffee. Then everyone comes up for our coffee hour. A little bit of normalcy is back. The visiting girls are gone and two less sure helps with the work.
My drive ways are clear, even though my training area is not, I will start with some basic obedience with Sammy. He had come here for me to work with his ears, as they had fallen down, I do have them up and tipped, all the hair shaved off and hopefully they will strengthen. It is so much better to work with ears when the pups are young and teething. I can hope but it is hard to say if they will come back. If not he won't be able to be shown but he sure can do performance, starting with obedience, beginner obedience is something all dogs should go through. Makes them easier to live with when they know their boundary's. Also helps with bonding and confidence building. Bonnie started at 8 weeks and remembers most of it. Walter went through two puppy classes for basic obedience. He also remembers this early training. When Walter is mature with full coat we will give the show ring a shot and see what happens.He is a lovely boy and maybe we can even get a handler for him. I would love to see him successful in the shows. Time will tell.
I will get some photos of the pups running in the kitchen and using their tunnel.
The dogs have been so good this morning, sometimes they get into trouble, but today very good.
Time for their breakfast, and their clocks have not gone off yet. Peaceful until I say the word!
I think I will just enjoy a few more minutes of peace.


Thursday, April 11, 2019


Now that the pups are on news paper they will need regular baths, the news print eventually makes their white become dull. And at five weeks papers are needed. They are eating four meals a day and pooping allot. The real work has begun. Having them in the kitchen will be so good for them. Several times during the day all the dogs are in with me and the activity will be good for them. I can also get out their little tunnel and the exercise will be fun and good for them. 
They got their usual soft food this morning and after I gave them a small bowl of kibble and they all chewed and were able to eat it. Another week, they may totally be on dry kibble.
Rosie will love having the pups in the kitchen as she loves puppies and is so good with them, she will play but is very gentle. She will grab a toy and get them to play. For a seven year old it is pretty amazing that she loves the pups. She just loves everyone. She is my special friend. She can read me so well, she will give hugs, climb up on your lap and put her paws around your neck. She loves hugging. I know what she is thinking too. When everyone goes out to potty and she refuses I know she does not have to go. She may want to go out twenty minutes later but she does have to go. To show you how smart she is, when everyone is out and it is time to come in Brooke will just stand in the doorway and not come in. I have to go get a piece of kibble to lure her in. It usually works. Since Rosie is such a chow hound she decided she would go back out and stand next to Brooke, she knew exactly what she was doing, anything for an extra piece of kibble. I finally told her that I am not playing that game and if she wants to be in it has to be when I ask, she did come in. She has always come in when called but she saw how she could get a piece of kibble. She thinks! It is so amazing to watch her think and make choices. 
In training my dogs I try to give them the opportunity to make choices and think. They often make the right choice especially if they are well along in their training. 
Another dog sport that is fun for them and mentally tiring is nose work. Some are really tuned into it. I start with three boxes and in one put the treat. When they find it I make a big deal over that and they get excited. They love scenting and surprisingly enough it does wear them out.
So when you can't get out to exercise this is a fun game to play, of course it has to be one at a time. 
For the pups the tunnel will be their first exposure to having fun and thinking. 
Topaz will feed her pups before bedtime but will then be sleeping in her crate. I just need a short break from her 5am mornings. She will be happier. The pups are messy early in the morning and Topaz does not get much space. She is happy to let me cleanup now. 
I am still covered with snow here and it will be at least another week before I can get out to my exercise area. Once it is clear I like to give the pups an opportunity to experience grass. 
This has been a long and wearing winter, we had snow late October and just again on April 8 and 9th. At this rate we will be skipping spring. 
Lots of chores this morning and then will be the fun part of letting the pups run in the kitchen.
                                                             TOPAZ & PUPS

Tuesday, April 9, 2019


Pups are 5 weeks tomorrow and are really looking like Sheltie pups. They are doing so well. Today they will spend some time in the kitchen. They are really getting into playing with each other. So much fun to watch. 
Well the dogs alerted me to something in the basement. My dog room is down there as it is a walk out, daylight basement. Perfect place for my crates for the young dogs. I also have a kitchen sink and I feed the dogs there. 
The other day Walter was scenting something and running around like crazy. He knew something. I was coming down the stairs and this little white thing ran past into the old part of the basement. Scared me and I could not figure out what it is. I got on line and it is an Ermine, a member of the weasel family. I don't know how it got in here or why it would want to.Maybe it followed a mouse. Anyway it needs to go so I am borrowing a small humane trap and will catch it and take it a couple of miles away and let it go. At least it is afraid of the dogs. It is bad enough that we have more snow that has to be shoveled. Let alone having to catch this critter. It actually is cute, pure white with pink eyes. But I really don't want it here. I will have the trap tomorrow and I understand if I put cat food in it that will lure it in. 
I just have to keep a good eye on the dogs as I believe Walter thinks he could catch it. I really can't wait to get it out of here. Thankfully it stays in the basement. 
It is amazing that he could scent it and realize it does not belong here. Maybe he has a new calling in life, a go to earth dog, that would be very odd for a Sheltie. LOL
The young dogs love the snow and are out  there now, running and playing. Hopefully Topaz wears herself out and will be ready to spend a little time with her babies. She was up and ready to go out at five this morning. A bit early for me but when the dogs are calling you can't put it off. Topaz especially. She has been good about spending the night with her pups so I really can't complain. I hope that when she is older and has another litter that her maternal instincts will kick in a little better. She does care for them when she is with them, it is just that I have to put her in with them. 
Time to cut puppy nails again, I can just lay them on their backs on my lap and clip away. They are really good with that. I am going to start with a soft brush  today and get them used to being groomed. So with that and letting them run in the kitchen for awhile that should be enough for today. I want them to get used to changes gradually. 
A little more snow and freezing rain this afternoon. Well time to get the youngsters in, and dry them off. They don't mind being wet but I do, it can't be that comfortable. 
A few new puppy photos that I took yesterday.

Monday, April 8, 2019


Yesterday was the eye clinic and I took two dogs to get their eyes certified. Both Bonnie and Sammy had clear eyes. The rest of the day was spent helping friends get their dogs in to the Doctor and back out. The Sheltie club had 107 dogs for eye checks. That is awesome!
Bonnie was so good on the leash and walked nicely and even went potty on command. I was so pleased with her, she is only nine months and it was a good socializing day for her. She remembered all the training she had as a young pup. They don't forget.I have decided that she needs a day visiting, the pet shop and then over to Lowe's. More new people to meet. If spring ever comes here we can walk the trails and meet many people and dogs. It has been snowing like crazy here since about 5:30 this morning. And yesterday was such a beautiful day for the clinic, a warm 60 degrees only an hour south of here.
I plan to bring the pups into the kitchen and let them explore, it will be good for them. Hopefully I can get some cute pictures of them playing. In two days they will be five weeks and it seems like yesterday that they were born, the time has flown. 
Sammy is a wonderful boy, very friendly and out going. I have been offered to be a co-owner with him and I have accepted that. He is of the line that I want to work with and I think I will have fun obedience training him. He came here more than a  month ago so that I could help his ears. I have been working with his ears and I am hopeful that they will come up where they belong. Sammy is four months younger than Walter and the two boys get along very well.
My snow had been melting pretty quickly, almost to the point where there was some ground where I could work with the dogs. I am so looking forward to training Sammy, he is a very biddable dog who just loves to please. 
I would like to write a little more but the inner clocks are starting to go off. Patience is wearing thin, it is breakfast time.

Sunday, April 7, 2019


I had people come to visit the pups yesterday and as I think back to the visits I realize that I have some wonderful family's for my pups. Every one will be loved and cared for her entire life.
I put a lot into my pups and want them to have that perfect life. Sometimes it is hard to judge people and I don't want to make any mistakes with finding homes for my babies, it is very important.  I feel so comfortable that these pups will be getting everything that I want for them.
I try to choose homes where the pups will not be alone for many hours. It is important for 8 week old babies to have human contact during the day and for house training to start.
Today I am taking two of my Shelties to the eye clinic put on by our Sheltie club. This is part of the health testing that is necessary when breeding Shelties. Our club holds a clinic every year and it is open to all breeds. Shelties have the same Collie eye issue and with testing our breeding stock we rarely if ever see the disease again. Other testing we do with our breeding dogs, are thyroid, MDR1 which tests to see if certain drugs are safe to use with our Shelties. We also test for VWD which can be an inherited bleeding disease which we don't often see anymore. The reason we don't often see these diseases is that we do the testing and if a dog carries or has this disease we do not breed them and pass it on. Once the dogs reach the age of two we have hip x-rays done and get an OFA rating. This is the Orthopaedic Foundation of America. Aside from the health testing we look for temperament and soundness in our dogs. 
A lot more goes into raising pups than most people think. The socializing is very important but we have to start with healthy dogs, physically and mentally.
Guess I have digressed from my original thought. I am truly fortunate to have wonderful homes waiting for my pups. Most importantly they will be loved for life.
Will get some current photos soon.

Thursday, April 4, 2019


First thing in the morning once the adult dogs are out, I check on the pups and spend time talking to them. They get pretty excited and talk back with tails wagging furiously. The tail wagging has really come on this week. Personalities are beginning to really emerge. This is the fun stage of puppies but also the work stage. Mom is getting tired of cleaning up and now that work falls to me. They need to be changed several times a day and the puppy laundry mounts up. Soon we will progress to papers with blankets in the corner for sleeping. They basically try to be clean and not poop where they sleep. You probably wonder why I talk about this but the amount of work is so much more than you think. It is on going all day. Aside from the feeding and cleaning is the socializing, which is so important. There is so much for them to experience and their little minds take it all in. Each week there is so much progress and by the time they are 8 weeks old their little minds are like sponges and will absorb as much as you want to teach them. I usually start house training at 8 weeks and I also teach sit and a couple of basic commands. Within a couple of minutes they understand sit so well and get so excited, praise them profusely. They will never forget this time. 
Once pups get into their new homes 8 weeks to four months is a critical time.  They need the most socializing during this time, they need to do things that build their confidence.The pups have a basic foundation and now it is up to you to take over and help them become awesome pets and well adjusted. So much of their development now depends on you. Socializing should continue through their lives.
I am getting ahead of things here. Next week I will get the little cat tunnel out and let them play with running in and out. They love this and don't forget the tunnel as they grow. 
I hope to get more pictures when they turn five weeks. Their coats are coming in and they are looking more like Shelties. I love watching them develop and their instincts are amazing.
Mom still spends time with them as their interaction with her is very important. She teaches them so much, they need her to learn to be dogs. 
Raising Shelties is an on going learning experience, something new always comes up.
Seeing pups turn out as you hoped that they would when you planned the breeding is so rewarding.

Wednesday, April 3, 2019


My sister returned to California yesterday. We had a wonderful two weeks, we felt like we were in a time warp as the time just flew by. It was so nice having someone in the house that could speak more than dog! Thankfully her flight was yesterday as it is snowing here this morning.
The dogs will get back into their normal routine, although they were not out of it by much.
We spent time with the pups and had so many laughs over their antics. They are getting more steady on their feet but more comical. They are beautiful pups and have such wonderful calm temperaments. They will be wonderful companions for their new families.
The pups are four weeks today so time to get busy socializing and getting them used to new things and experiences. I have my work cut out for me but I love it. I will be busy but it will be good for me, since spring does not want to stay, I need to be busy.
It has been a long winter for me but also for the dogs. I know they have cabin fever. I put a couple of bales of hay in the dog yard to cover the ice that is still there and that gave the dogs good footing so they could run some. My large area is still snowed in, it will be awhile before I can get them out to really run. It will be soon I hope. 
I did breed Rosie to a son of Ch Jesstar Raseri and I am hoping it worked, but Rosie is a little older and it may not happen. This is a line that I really want to bring into the line that I have.
I spend a lot of time researching pedigrees and trying to find pictures of the dogs in the background. It is very rewarding and gives me a direction to go in my breeding program. I try to breed closely to the standard to improve the breed but mostly I want to produce healthy and sound pups, mentally and physically. Most of my pups become family companions and the families deserve pups that will live out their lives, healthy and happy.
Health and temperament are priorities whether show potential pups or family pups.
It is amazing to watch instinct take over with the pups. They know mom is in the room before she even gets through the door. Pretty amazing.
The breakfast time clocks are starting to go off. They definitely have inner clocks and they are now ready for breakfast. They don't have much patience.
Hope to get some more current pictures soon. I should get going before the little yips turn into full blown barks. They have been so good while I was writing, so time to end.
                                                                        3 weeks