Sunday, April 7, 2019


I had people come to visit the pups yesterday and as I think back to the visits I realize that I have some wonderful family's for my pups. Every one will be loved and cared for her entire life.
I put a lot into my pups and want them to have that perfect life. Sometimes it is hard to judge people and I don't want to make any mistakes with finding homes for my babies, it is very important.  I feel so comfortable that these pups will be getting everything that I want for them.
I try to choose homes where the pups will not be alone for many hours. It is important for 8 week old babies to have human contact during the day and for house training to start.
Today I am taking two of my Shelties to the eye clinic put on by our Sheltie club. This is part of the health testing that is necessary when breeding Shelties. Our club holds a clinic every year and it is open to all breeds. Shelties have the same Collie eye issue and with testing our breeding stock we rarely if ever see the disease again. Other testing we do with our breeding dogs, are thyroid, MDR1 which tests to see if certain drugs are safe to use with our Shelties. We also test for VWD which can be an inherited bleeding disease which we don't often see anymore. The reason we don't often see these diseases is that we do the testing and if a dog carries or has this disease we do not breed them and pass it on. Once the dogs reach the age of two we have hip x-rays done and get an OFA rating. This is the Orthopaedic Foundation of America. Aside from the health testing we look for temperament and soundness in our dogs. 
A lot more goes into raising pups than most people think. The socializing is very important but we have to start with healthy dogs, physically and mentally.
Guess I have digressed from my original thought. I am truly fortunate to have wonderful homes waiting for my pups. Most importantly they will be loved for life.
Will get some current photos soon.

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