Monday, April 22, 2019


Last week was pretty busy, with  puppy people visiting and family visiting to see the pups too.
I could not squeeze out the time to write. Will try to make up for it this week. 
The pups are growing like weeds and personality is starting to blossom. They love running in the kitchen, I let them run a couple of times a day and then just before bed, they sleep really well. I am really pleased with the homes that each pup are going to. They will be well loved and cared for, exactly what you want for your babies and as they grow I am becoming more attached to all of them. Lots of work now but I am enjoying them so much.
Many chores to get caught up with and the weather is making it hard. I have hay in my dog yard to help with the mud but with so much rain even the hay is soaked and needs to be raked out. I will get a start on that this morning. I also need to make another dump run. Not my favorite job. Will get to that soon so I can get that crossed off the list.
I think I may need to buy some floor decking that is used outside to keep the dogs off the ground, they will need that until things dry up. Sure is not looking very dry this upcoming week.
Groomed two dogs over the weekend and need to get the rest of the seniors finished up. I will do that gradually this week. 
Now that the snow is finally gone the yard is a mess. It snowed early last fall before we could get all the leaves cleaned up. So now double work. I do have someone who will help me with this. Thankfully it is not all up to me.
There is now standing water in the agility area and once that goes I will be able to get the dogs out so they can really run and stretch their legs. Always something to keep them from running
It is a lot of work socializing the pups alone, Len used to help me with that. He loved to take pups on the couch with him. 
A nice Easter day for us. The dogs and I watched the movie Jesus of Nazareth and it sure brings back the meaning of life. Always good to reflect on that. I am thankful for every day that I can get up and take care of my animals.
So many thoughts today but really need to get going on my list of chores and getting the dump run done is priority.
Also puppy pictures need to be updated.
To me Easter is a renewal and time to move forward!
Wishing a good week for all of you!


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