Saturday, September 14, 2019


Two mornings ago I took the dogs out to go potty and get ready to come up for our usual coffee routine. I went back down to get them and they all came running in. Walter was trying to get something away from Glory, I got a hold of her and saw two feet hanging out of her mouth and she was chewing. I made Walter get away and tried to open her mouth, I could not even begin to get her to let go. It was a huge frog that she apparently caught and boy it was hers and she was eating as fast as she could. I made her go outside, I could not get it away from her so I made her go outside so at least I did not have to watch her eat it. This morning when getting the young ones out of their crates, Glory ran to the door and did not make it, she pooped the biggest pile I have ever seen for a dog. I guess the frog did this to her. I am just thankful she did not do this in her crate and was able to wait until she was out of it. She ate her breakfast well so I guess that all is back to normal. I have never had a dog catch something that big and I have always been able to open their mouth and get it out. Something new always with dogs. I believe if I am in dogs longer than 40 years many more new things will pop up.
On a positive note Bonnie's head is perfect, she can look straight ahead, to the right and the left and she can stand and look at me head on. I am thrilled. 
So thankful that it was not something serious like we originally thought. 
One of Topaz's pups came to stay for a week. So things have been busy, she is a go go girl and loves to keep playing. She takes a nap in her crate mid afternoon and she is really ready for a rest. She and Finn had a blast, but even Finn needed a break so I put him in for a nap also.
She is going home today and I know that Finn will miss her but it will be nice to have just one puppy here. Too bad I could not capture some of their energy. 
I plan to show Walter this fall, I worked on his coat all evening and it is looking lovely, now if I can get a few pounds off of him we will be all set to go. I need to get back to our morning walks. He loves going walking and it is good for me also.
My little side yard is finished and now Max who will soon be 14 and Brooke almost 10 no longer have to down the steep flight of steps to the basement to go out. It is a nice little yard and just a couple of steps to a nice grassy area.Perfect for the older dogs. Max has trouble seeing the basement steps and Brooke just is afraid and hates to go down. Now their routine has to change as they will have to get used to eating in the kitchen. 
Need to get some housework done, so all for now. 
Have a wonderful weekend with your fur kids.