Saturday, February 15, 2020


Now time to watch and wait for Topaz. The good thing though is that she is very pregnant. I am thankful for that. She has been getting me up between three and three thirty am every day. She needs to go out as she just can't hold things for very long. It is actually good that she lets me know. She is one of my most house trained girls, she does not want to have an accident and will go stand at the door to let me know that she needs out.
The baby monitor is now set up near her whelping box. The watching and waiting is hard as I am ready for her to get started and have an easy whelping. Her temperature continues to drop which is a good sign. I am waiting for the time that she refuses food as that is a sign that whelping will be soon. She is as comfortable as she can be, eating and drinking so all is going well. Walter is the sire and he has sired four litters which have been very pretty but this is the first litter by Walter that we will have here. I think that they will be very pretty. They compliment each other and the pedigrees do also. 
I am sure that people on my list are tired of the wait also. It will be nice for them to know if there will be a puppy for them. I choose homes that will be the best match for the puppies. I want my pups and puppy people to have a good experience and be successful!  My pups are vet checked, receive a health certificate and first shots and are guaranteed.
It is so hard to make the best decisions but I have to do what is best for the pup as it is a lifetime commitment.
I am getting pretty good at learning patience. Glory tried my patience for sure. But not her fault, things just went wrong, I know she was pregnant at the beginning and maybe she did not have enough progesterone to hold the pregnancy. When the girls get to 6 years of age or so hormones change and it is harder for them to get pregnant and to stay pregnant. I don't know if we will try again with Glory or retire her from breeding. I am sure she would love that. She loves being a full time house dog and is very happy. She house trained very quickly and is very good with no accidents at all. She is such a sweet girl and so easy to love.
I will post as soon as the pups arrive. It will be such a relief when they are here and I know they are all doing well.
So on to more waiting!! 


Thursday, February 6, 2020


I am still waiting on Glory. If she is having a false pregnancy it sure is fooling me. Early this  morning she was doing a little nesting. But it is possible she would nest even if a false pregnancy.  I truly hope it is not but I am so baffled. Her temperature is going down, as it should, but she still has a huge appetite, usually the day they whelp they do not want to eat but so far she has been chowing down. When Rosie had her false pregnancy, two times, she had all the signs but never stopped eating. All I can do is continue to wait and be patient, she is not in any discomfort or distress so it is safe to wait. I could take her for an x-ray but that is expensive and I will know soon enough if there are pups or not. I did think that I felt a pup last night. Glory is testing me for sure. She is sleeping in the whelping pen in the kitchen and everything is all set up. I have the baby monitor running at night and I can hear her every movement. This morning I did hear her digging at her blankets which she has not done so far, so maybe we are still heading in the right direction. Topaz is due the 13th so there will be puppies soon. She is definitely bred. Glory is a big girl so it is easy for her hide her pregnancy. Her waist line did expand but it is amazing how even in a false pregnancy this can happen. I will continue to get Topaz all set up and soon Bonnie who is definitely expecting too.
Being patient is very hard for me but I have no choice and I am learning.
Living with Shelties there is something new everyday. Definitely a learning experience.

Sunday, February 2, 2020


I am pretty much ready for pups but Glory is not obliging yet. She has all the signs of pregnancy and is still very clingy. Next due date is February 6. I am sleeping Glory in the puppy pen in the kitchen and I have the baby monitor set up so I can hear everything at night. My imagination runs wild when I have to wait so long. Well I have decided that if she is not pregnant it is not the end of the world. I still have Topaz and Bonnie who are definitely expecting, but I am jumping to conclusions. Time to think positive.
On a really positive note Finn has been in his new home for three weeks and is doing so well. A little rough with developing a new potty routine but he has it now. He is also attending obedience class and doing really well. I knew he would as he is such a smart pup and loved to learn. He was a joy to work with. I could have not asked for a better home for Finn. It is perfect and I am thrilled.
My home is looking like a nursery, and I know I am going to be very busy soon. A big responsibility getting new pups off to a good start. But being busy is a good thing and a good thing for me. 
The dogs are pretty mellow this morning and that is really nice, of course when I get up to get my second cup of coffee, the chaos will start again. Topaz is my coffee thief, she loves coffee. I have to be careful to keep my cup away from the edge of the table. She loves to lap out of my cup. She is a paper thief also, any loose piece of paper she can grab she will and she will try to chew it up. She is usually successful as I am not fast enough to catch her before it is gone. I would not have it any other way. My Shelties keep me going and that is exactly what I need. They help to fill the void which is a big part of my life.
I will be sure to post pictures of the pups when they arrive.
Have a wonderful Sheltied day.