Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Puppy in the House

We have a lovely new pup added to our family just before the holidays. He is a sable and white boy and is a full brother to our Brooke. We call him Bounty which means gift as he was a Christmas gift for us.
Brooke and Bounty are both sired by Ch. Jesstar Adonis and their dam is Mus-Arts Stairway to Heaven.
This combination is producing lovely pups. We have plans to start showing Bounty in the spring. He should be in full puppy bloom by then and we are hopeful that Brooke will be back in coat. Time will tell on that. She is just a year old and is in the stage of no under coat. She is well ready mentally and that is most important. She has been exposed to many different situations and has handled all very well.

We are looking forward to spring and getting the dogs out for training. In the meantime we are enjoying the quiet and peace of winter. Will do what training we can indoors.  There is much that can be accomplished with Bounty without having to go outside. He can learn to stand and watch the treat. He can learn foot placement and moving on lead.

We are very excited about this boy and have great hopes for him.!!!!! Stay tuned for progress reports!!