Thursday, April 4, 2019


First thing in the morning once the adult dogs are out, I check on the pups and spend time talking to them. They get pretty excited and talk back with tails wagging furiously. The tail wagging has really come on this week. Personalities are beginning to really emerge. This is the fun stage of puppies but also the work stage. Mom is getting tired of cleaning up and now that work falls to me. They need to be changed several times a day and the puppy laundry mounts up. Soon we will progress to papers with blankets in the corner for sleeping. They basically try to be clean and not poop where they sleep. You probably wonder why I talk about this but the amount of work is so much more than you think. It is on going all day. Aside from the feeding and cleaning is the socializing, which is so important. There is so much for them to experience and their little minds take it all in. Each week there is so much progress and by the time they are 8 weeks old their little minds are like sponges and will absorb as much as you want to teach them. I usually start house training at 8 weeks and I also teach sit and a couple of basic commands. Within a couple of minutes they understand sit so well and get so excited, praise them profusely. They will never forget this time. 
Once pups get into their new homes 8 weeks to four months is a critical time.  They need the most socializing during this time, they need to do things that build their confidence.The pups have a basic foundation and now it is up to you to take over and help them become awesome pets and well adjusted. So much of their development now depends on you. Socializing should continue through their lives.
I am getting ahead of things here. Next week I will get the little cat tunnel out and let them play with running in and out. They love this and don't forget the tunnel as they grow. 
I hope to get more pictures when they turn five weeks. Their coats are coming in and they are looking more like Shelties. I love watching them develop and their instincts are amazing.
Mom still spends time with them as their interaction with her is very important. She teaches them so much, they need her to learn to be dogs. 
Raising Shelties is an on going learning experience, something new always comes up.
Seeing pups turn out as you hoped that they would when you planned the breeding is so rewarding.

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Sheltie Lover said...

It's lovely to read about your work with your puppies. Thank you for your vivid descriptions.