Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Our agility trainer has taken this week off. Jeep and I are really going to miss the class. We so look forward to our Thursday training sessions. Each week is such a learning experience and Jeep improves measurably. I have learned to do my crosses without thinking about what I am doing. When I spend too much time thinking about how they should be done I usually mess up. I am learning so much about body language with Jeep. He reads me so well and will take cues that I did not even realize I had given to him.
Next week I will be taking Max to class for a refresher, it has been more than a year since he has attended and the exposure will be so good for him. I know that I will not be able to stay away with Jeep so will have to do a drop in session in the Friday evening class. For the next few weeks I will rotate the boys so they both can practice and be ready for the trial in Oct.
I have learned that I truly need to have an exercise program for myself. I am not fast enough and I get tired too quickly. After working an hour with the boys in class I feel like I have just experienced an aerobics session. 
I have most of the equipment here at home so I can practice as much as I want and can fit into the day. I would love to get some cavaleties so they can practice trotting over them and stretching their muscles and improving their gaits. 
Max and Jeep are so different, I have to learn two styles of handling. Sometimes it is hard to remember how each works and what works best for them. Max is the dog who will run fast but wants me near him and Jeep is the dog who runs so fast that I need to learn to direct him from a distance. At the start line I need to start with Max and go with him. With Jeep I need to lead off as far as I can and go so he has to catch me. This is where I need to be in better physical condition. Hopefully once this hot and humid weather decides to leave us I will be able to get out and walk. Walking makes me feel good. It clears my head and I think of all the beautiful surroundings where I live. I love to walk with the dogs. I usually take two and they are the best company. I can chatter away to them and it does not matter what I say. They listen and are just happy to be there with me. 
Tomorrow morning will be so strange, not attending class. It has become part of our lives, a mental release, an hour of thinking nothing but agility and the dog. It is a wonderful therapy!