Thursday, April 11, 2019


Now that the pups are on news paper they will need regular baths, the news print eventually makes their white become dull. And at five weeks papers are needed. They are eating four meals a day and pooping allot. The real work has begun. Having them in the kitchen will be so good for them. Several times during the day all the dogs are in with me and the activity will be good for them. I can also get out their little tunnel and the exercise will be fun and good for them. 
They got their usual soft food this morning and after I gave them a small bowl of kibble and they all chewed and were able to eat it. Another week, they may totally be on dry kibble.
Rosie will love having the pups in the kitchen as she loves puppies and is so good with them, she will play but is very gentle. She will grab a toy and get them to play. For a seven year old it is pretty amazing that she loves the pups. She just loves everyone. She is my special friend. She can read me so well, she will give hugs, climb up on your lap and put her paws around your neck. She loves hugging. I know what she is thinking too. When everyone goes out to potty and she refuses I know she does not have to go. She may want to go out twenty minutes later but she does have to go. To show you how smart she is, when everyone is out and it is time to come in Brooke will just stand in the doorway and not come in. I have to go get a piece of kibble to lure her in. It usually works. Since Rosie is such a chow hound she decided she would go back out and stand next to Brooke, she knew exactly what she was doing, anything for an extra piece of kibble. I finally told her that I am not playing that game and if she wants to be in it has to be when I ask, she did come in. She has always come in when called but she saw how she could get a piece of kibble. She thinks! It is so amazing to watch her think and make choices. 
In training my dogs I try to give them the opportunity to make choices and think. They often make the right choice especially if they are well along in their training. 
Another dog sport that is fun for them and mentally tiring is nose work. Some are really tuned into it. I start with three boxes and in one put the treat. When they find it I make a big deal over that and they get excited. They love scenting and surprisingly enough it does wear them out.
So when you can't get out to exercise this is a fun game to play, of course it has to be one at a time. 
For the pups the tunnel will be their first exposure to having fun and thinking. 
Topaz will feed her pups before bedtime but will then be sleeping in her crate. I just need a short break from her 5am mornings. She will be happier. The pups are messy early in the morning and Topaz does not get much space. She is happy to let me cleanup now. 
I am still covered with snow here and it will be at least another week before I can get out to my exercise area. Once it is clear I like to give the pups an opportunity to experience grass. 
This has been a long and wearing winter, we had snow late October and just again on April 8 and 9th. At this rate we will be skipping spring. 
Lots of chores this morning and then will be the fun part of letting the pups run in the kitchen.
                                                             TOPAZ & PUPS

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