Sunday, October 18, 2020


 The pups will be four weeks on Tuesday morning. Two days ago I started feeding baby cereal with goats milk, they were not sure what to do. So I waited until today,made up some goats milk with baby cereal and a little softened puppy food. Well they just chowed it right down. It is amazing that two days development can make such a difference. They are now eating three meals a day plus mom is still taking care of them and nursing. Glory is the best mother, she is getting a little tired but always goes in with the pups when I ask her to. She still spends the night with them and they still need her throughout the night. I wish all my girls were such good moms, but Glory has been a mom a couple of times and she knows what is required. The pups are responding to my voice, they pop right up and come over to see me. It is hard to believe that in four weeks these pups will be fully developed to the point where they can go to their new homes. Their personalities are emerging and they are so cute and so funny. I love this age, even though it will get a little messy. Soon I will be able to take them to the kitchen to run and play and experience new things. It will be a busy time for sure. A friend of mine gave me a really nice camera for my birthday. I am looking forward to taking some really great photos. I can get close ups and the details are amazing. Of course I do need to practice, since I just grab my cell phone to get shots. I will post updates as they grow and hopefully will have some awesome photos.

 Glory's pups at three weeks!

Saturday, October 10, 2020


 I love puppies. From birth to watching the daily development is just amazing. First week they are able to crawl to mom to eat and then they sleep a lot. Mom stimulates them to poop and pee.She does that for the first week through about the fourth week. I change the bedding twice a day and it stays nice and clean.  Glory had four girls and three boys. The three boys and three of the girls are spoken for. They are now getting close to three weeks, which will be this coming Tuesday. Their eyes are open and they are hearing now. They are starting to respond to my voice and they hear noises. They are so darn cute right now. I am a little nervous about visitors, the covid is beginning to increase in New Hampshire. We will social distance and wear masks. The visits will be short. We won't be picking pups until they are eight weeks. The litter is co-owned with a friend and she has to pick her pups first. The pups are really getting into the fun age and I love pups at this stage. I will move them to the kitchen at four weeks. This will make it easier for them to run and play on the kitchen floor. 

I did not write for awhile as I was so intent on watching Glory, as she was very late to have her pups. But all was well, she and mother nature knew what was going on.It was not a real easy birth but she did very well.

Lots of pictures soon. Hope you are all well and take care.