Friday, March 29, 2019


The pups are developing so fast and finding their feet and attempting to play. My sister and I sat and watched them and just laughed, they are so funny, trying to play, barking, growling at each other, trying to grab tails and howling. One little girl loves to howl and it is the funniest sound you ever heard. Nothing like puppies to boost your spirits.
They are doing pretty well with their puppy mush, mixed with goats milk, best thing to use for weaning pups. Mom has quite a job cleaning up after, as both front feet go into the food, then one will walk through it and quite a mess. Topaz loves the food so she cleans them up so you would never know they had made a mess. It is amazing how fast they do develop. They are responding to " puppy,puppy" , tails beginning to wag.
By next week the visiting girls will be going home, hopefully to have pups in the summer.
We will have peace here again, the boys will calm down and it will be one happy pack of Shelties again. 
Our snow is very slow to go so still can't get out to our large exercise area. I believe that the Shelties suffer from cabin fever just as I do. I have a smaller fenced area off the house and they do run and play some but really need the space to run flat out. 
My sister and I are heading to Illusion farm this morning for a short visit to see the lovely English Shire horses and Kathleen's stunning Shetland Sheepdogs. I purchased my foundation girls from Kathleen years ago and that was the start of my beautiful Shelties. 
Kathleen has been fighting cancer for two years and recently had scans and she is all clear, we are thrilled for her. 
The dogs are reminding me that it is breakfast time and their inner clocks are never wrong.
All for now. More photos soon.

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