Friday, April 12, 2019


Pups moved to the kitchen. Now they are more involved with the daily routine and confusion. I have two small puppy beds that I put in their pen, they are so cute, three in one bed and two in the other and they keep the beds clean.  At first Topaz would run to the other room where they used to be, she is realizing they have moved. Topaz slept in her own kennel last night and that worked out well. I fed the pups at 8 just before bed and then Topaz fed them before I took her to her crate. She still woke up early but not barking as frantically as before. They all go out together which is much easier. While they are out I go clean pups and make their breakfast. They all pooped in one spot which is so easy. They caught on to the beds so quickly. After the pups are fed and all set I make my coffee. Then everyone comes up for our coffee hour. A little bit of normalcy is back. The visiting girls are gone and two less sure helps with the work.
My drive ways are clear, even though my training area is not, I will start with some basic obedience with Sammy. He had come here for me to work with his ears, as they had fallen down, I do have them up and tipped, all the hair shaved off and hopefully they will strengthen. It is so much better to work with ears when the pups are young and teething. I can hope but it is hard to say if they will come back. If not he won't be able to be shown but he sure can do performance, starting with obedience, beginner obedience is something all dogs should go through. Makes them easier to live with when they know their boundary's. Also helps with bonding and confidence building. Bonnie started at 8 weeks and remembers most of it. Walter went through two puppy classes for basic obedience. He also remembers this early training. When Walter is mature with full coat we will give the show ring a shot and see what happens.He is a lovely boy and maybe we can even get a handler for him. I would love to see him successful in the shows. Time will tell.
I will get some photos of the pups running in the kitchen and using their tunnel.
The dogs have been so good this morning, sometimes they get into trouble, but today very good.
Time for their breakfast, and their clocks have not gone off yet. Peaceful until I say the word!
I think I will just enjoy a few more minutes of peace.


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