Sunday, September 10, 2017

This morning while having coffee with my Shelties I am trying to start another day. It is difficult alone but my dogs definitely make a difference. It will take time to adjust to my new normal but I am sure in time it will happen.
I have started a basic obedience class with my boy Luke and that is so good for both of us. He is a sweet boy and will be an excellent Therapy dog, maybe even a little agility eventually. By the time he is trained my new normal should be well on its way. 

I am also helping a friend with a very shy Sheltie, he is coming to live with me for awhile to see what I can do to help him. He is a young boy who just needs more socialization. This gives me a goal and a little more purpose at this time in my life. I am looking forward to see what I can do for the pup.

I am also keeping little Walter from my litter and co-own him with my granddaughter. She and I will be training together. This is going to be fun and the first pup she has trained, She is excited and for a 10 year old this is awesome! She will be coming up today to see her puppy.

The sun is coming up and time to get my new day started. I pray for all those in Florida and hope that they will be safe and that all the animals find safety too. So sad for all these residents of Florida.

Everyone  be well and enjoy your Sheltie and make the most of the day. 💟

Saturday, September 2, 2017

The Start of a New Life!

This has been a hard year for all of us, including my Shelties. My husband was diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer in July of 2016. I have spent the past year as full time care giver for my husband. My husband passed from his cancer July 16, 2017 exactly one year to the day that he was diagnosed.

My Shelties took a back seat for most of the year. They were so good and seemed to be so understanding of the situation. They received all the basic care to keep them content and healthy but the extras were missing. Agility took a back seat and probably will continue to take a back seat for some time. There are too many basics that need to be caught up with.

My Shelties are awesome watch dogs so I do not worry about my new life. Hopefully it will become the new normal, as my normal life was shattered a year ago. Having been married for 51+ years it is definitely a new normal and will take time to become comfortable with my life.

My Shelties taught me to live one day at a time, the only way to get through the past year. I just did as they do, don't think about the past and don't think about the future. Just make the most of and enjoy the day you are in as best you can. A really good way to live your life.

My new life started with a litter of new pups, they are such a gift and to have all that new life in my house has been a blessing for me. They need much care, handling and socializing. Needless to say they have kept me very busy. They are now almost 6 weeks and so much fun. They develop by the moment and you see changes physically and mentally every day. Maybe a new agility prospect, who knows. 

The first thing to do with my Shelties is to take Luke to basic obedience class and then on to get his canine good citizen an then to become certified with Therapy Dogs International. He is a sweet and loving boy and will be an awesome therapy dogs. My husband talked about giving back all the time and even though he was so sick he always wanted to do something to give back. So no better way than sharing my Shelties with the elderly in nursing homes or those who are housebound. 

I hope to be much more faithful with keeping this blog up. There should be a lot going on with my dogs now that I have so much time. They are the best company and give so much comfort. I would be lost without them. As I write one is under my computer desk and the others are scattered around the office. 

Training with Luke starts this week and I have high hopes for this boy. At the same time I am keeping one of the pups, we call him Walter which is a family name, my husbands middle name and the middle name of both my sons. He was a special pup that I bottle fed for awhile as he was small and needed the help. I will start his house training soon and socializing is on going. Every day the pups experience something new, a different room in the house, a different floor, different music, a small tunnel to play in and with, they love to drag it around but are learning to run through it. You would be surprised at how fast these little ones learn. 

It is getting late but just wanted to start the blog again and let you know that I hope to keep it updated as much a possible. It really will not be just about agility but about living with and having fun with your Shelties. Maybe eventually a little agility thrown in for fun.