Monday, April 8, 2019


Yesterday was the eye clinic and I took two dogs to get their eyes certified. Both Bonnie and Sammy had clear eyes. The rest of the day was spent helping friends get their dogs in to the Doctor and back out. The Sheltie club had 107 dogs for eye checks. That is awesome!
Bonnie was so good on the leash and walked nicely and even went potty on command. I was so pleased with her, she is only nine months and it was a good socializing day for her. She remembered all the training she had as a young pup. They don't forget.I have decided that she needs a day visiting, the pet shop and then over to Lowe's. More new people to meet. If spring ever comes here we can walk the trails and meet many people and dogs. It has been snowing like crazy here since about 5:30 this morning. And yesterday was such a beautiful day for the clinic, a warm 60 degrees only an hour south of here.
I plan to bring the pups into the kitchen and let them explore, it will be good for them. Hopefully I can get some cute pictures of them playing. In two days they will be five weeks and it seems like yesterday that they were born, the time has flown. 
Sammy is a wonderful boy, very friendly and out going. I have been offered to be a co-owner with him and I have accepted that. He is of the line that I want to work with and I think I will have fun obedience training him. He came here more than a  month ago so that I could help his ears. I have been working with his ears and I am hopeful that they will come up where they belong. Sammy is four months younger than Walter and the two boys get along very well.
My snow had been melting pretty quickly, almost to the point where there was some ground where I could work with the dogs. I am so looking forward to training Sammy, he is a very biddable dog who just loves to please. 
I would like to write a little more but the inner clocks are starting to go off. Patience is wearing thin, it is breakfast time.

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