Monday, January 9, 2023


 This is will be a short post. I am doing well just too busy. I have a litter of pups and in a couple of weeks they wil be ready to go. I have had a visiting girl for breeding and a visiting stud dog for this girl. So with two extra dogs in my pack and a litter of five pups there is so much to do. Plus my seven need attention and care. Then the holidays and Christmas weekend and New Years weekend with no power. Even with the generator there are many things that I can' run, but I can keep the heat lamp going for the pups. Pups need extra heat as they don't regulate their body temperature until they are about  2+ weeks. So heat lamps are very  necessary. Pups are now 6 weeks and ready to  go to the vet on the 23rd of January. They played in the kitchen yesterday and had a blast with being able to run full speed. It is so good for them. They have also learned to stand on the table and be brushed. Now at 6 weeks it is almost constant cleanup.

Thank you to those of you who wondered how I am doing. I had to go to Arundel Maine to pick up the stud dog and after 20 days I had to rreturn him. His owner Lynn Baker was very generous in letting me use her dog. Eventually Flash will be my stud but he is only 7 months so has a ways to go.

All is well here, just very busy with keeping everything going and the occasional snow to shovel. My New Years Resolution is to keep the blog up. Hopefully I can do that. 

Hope you all have a blessed and happy New Year.

Sunday, November 20, 2022


 Maggie is here and all settled in. Now that we are ready for the pups time seems to drag. Her first due date is the 23rd and her temperature is started down which is one of the first signs.  I am really hoping for the pups to arrive on Thanksgiving day, as I will have help here, which is always nice. At this point mother nature is in charge. So we wait and watch. The other dogs don't show any interest but when the pups start to come they will be curious and will have to stay out of the whelping room. I do hope that this wind dies down soon, the dogs really don't like the noise that it makes. They don't mind the cold, just the noise. They will be having their supper soon and will go back out for a few minutes. Other than the noise from the wind it has been a nice quiet Sunday afternoon. No doubt that winter is here. I was  hoping that it would wait until after Thanksgiving.

My whelping room is very warm, and a heating pad and a heat lamp keep the pups nice and toasty. New babies need to be kept at about 85 degrees as they don't regulate their  body temperature for about two weeks or a little more.

The enlargement of my dog yard is finished and it is wonderful for the dogs. The first snow last week they ran and ran and chased and jumped over each other. They were having a blast. 

It was so much fun to watch them having fun. They keep the joy in your life. 

 Hope that you all have a Happy Thanksgiving, with good food, family and friends.


Sunday, November 6, 2022


I tell everyone not to grow out two young pups together. Too much work and time. But here I am doing it again. No wonder I have not been able to touch the blog. The pups are 5 and 7 months now and doing pretty well in the potty area. Zoey who is 7 months has been attending puppy class for the past couple of months. She is doing well and it is so good for her. Flash has a very outgoing temperament but I am still hoping to get him into a levl1 puppy class before the weather turns on us. I know some of you have been waiting on puppies and it looks like Maggie is expecting and she is due late November. So now I have that to look forward to. We have not had pups here in over a year and I am really ready to experience it again. 

I started Bonnie in a beginner agility class, she really needed something to keep her brain busy and with some of the new commands you can see her thinking. I think it will be so good for her and for me too. Good for my thinking and my coordination too. It is only for 4 weeks so we should be finished before weather sets in.  If she really seems to enjoy the beginner work we will continue on in the spring.

Lots to look forward to.I lost my Rosie in March due to bad seizures, I was not prepared for that but I have adjusted. I still miss her terribly. Sometimes I feel her presence. On another note I adopted a new kitten to be company for my 14 year old cat.They are doing so well. Panda takes care of the kitty,(Annie) washes her and is teaching her to hunt. Hopefully not so many mice this year as almost all the holes are plugged. This house is so old there are probably more holes than we found. Hopefully the cats will help. I have not had a kitten before, always senior cats. Annie makes me laugh so much. She is such a joy to have. She is being very cautious with the dogs. Eventually she will be like Panda and wander through the dogs. He is very much in charge. 

In the next week I need to get the puppy pen set up and all the things out to help Maggie whelp her litter. The miracle of life is so awesome.

I have not been good with the blog lately but with new babies coming there will be much to talk  about.

Give your pups a hug!!Let them know that you love them.

All for now. 


Sunday, September 11, 2022


 Well I am doing it again. House training two pups. But fortunately Zoe is almost completely trained so I take Flash out with her and Walter. Walter always goes out with the pups for safety. Nothing would try to get at the pups with Walter there. He is an excellent baby sitter. Zoe has grown large enough that a bird of prey could not pick her up but Flash is still a little small. I keep a good eye on him but I have not seen anything even get close to the pen on the side of my house. Walter is definitely earning his keep. He is so good, he lies on the top step and just watches. 

Dogs are blowing coat like crazy. Keeping up with it sure is a chore. But I am close, just Bling is left but the others although brushed out are still shedding.  Zoe had to miss her first puppy class due to a parasite infection but she is now clear after days of medication and testing. Tuesday she can go back to class. Even though she is clear she will not be able to socialize with the other pups just to be sure they stay safe. I am looking forward to getting back to class.

My granddaughter and I went to the humane society yesterday. We were looking for a friend for Panda, he is my cat that I adopted in February. The dogs respect him and he does well with them. The puppies do still try to irritate him. But they are learning. There is a cat there who is the same coloring as Panda and he has been around dogs so that may be a good thing. Plus he has been at the shelter for a year and would love a home. I am basically getting a cat for a friend for Panda. 

It is not so bad with two puppies that are a few months apart and they do enjoy each other.I am still planning on breeding Quinn in the fall. Should have pups in February. I am still on the fence about breeding Skye, I have done all the genetic testing with her and her eyes were checked by a vet ophthalmologist. They are clear of anything. Her blood work showed a possible kidney issue but will retest when she first comes into heat. Hopefully it will be better and I can breed her but I won't compromise her heath for puppies. So we just wait it out. I am putting her on a lower protein food and that may help. In 6 months time there could be many changes for the positive. Always something to wait on. Wait for them to grow, wait for them to slow down in growth, wait on ears to tip, really is a big waiting game. Patience is something you learn when breeding shelties. We want to be sure we are breeding to improve the breed so need to do the best we can. We have the standard to guide us and we really want to keep the breed pure. It is not an easy job as dogs are not perfect and it is almost impossible to breed perfection, but we try. 

I love researching pedigrees and decided new blood would help. Zoe is totally Apple Acres and they are a very nice line. Flash is a combination of a few lines with no close breeding so he will fit in perfectly. Almost like starting over but not completely, just something a little different to mix in with my current lines.

Hug your dogs and have a great day!

This is my Maggie and she will have pups sometime next year! She will give us some

very pretty babies.

Tuesday, September 6, 2022


 Finally things are getting cooler and it is easier to get chores done Time to think about what needs to be done before winter hits. I need to fill the oil tanks which I dread. Not sure where the cost of oil will be. I need to fill the gas tanks for the generator. Three 5 gallon cans usually get me through the winter. I hope to have two litters of pups in February so I need to have the generator ready for the winter. Especially if we lose power for any length of time. I have heating pads and heat lamps to keep pups warm but they are electric so I definitely need the generator to run. Storm windows to put down. Now I have to find a mason for chimney repairs so the liner can be put in . The chimney is not real secure.  But it is leaky and I do need the liner in it. A mason is not that easy to find. So that is a priority. All needs to be finished before winter as new pups cannot get cold. I am breeding Quinn to Charlie and I am not sure how I am breeding Skye. Probably to a sable but not sure which one yet. So many of my puppy buyers prefer the sable. Charlie and Quinn could possibly have a bi black, just black and white and no tan. They can be really pretty. I am looking forward to being busy with puppies. It has been more than a year, It has been 16 months since my last litter. It is a good way to be busy in the winter. Plus they bring so much Joy! 

Well I have puppy class today so need to get busy, feed dogs and get ready to go to class. It is such good socialization for Zoe. 

Thankfully we are getting the rain that we need. Everyone take care and be sure to give your dogs a hug. Or do something with them that they really enjoy.

Take care and have a happy Sheltied day!


                                                      ZOE GROWING UP


Thursday, August 18, 2022


 Even though I have Zoe and she is a wonderful puppy I am really excited to be going to pick out a tri male. It is nice to have a choice. I tried choosing from the pictures but I could not decide so best to go see them and best of all when I go they will be ready to come home. I am looking for some good Scottish names for his call name and also for his registered name. I have been trying to go with the Scottish theme since the Shetland Islands are off the coast of Scotland. My Skyes registered name is Jopavist Isle of Skye. Which is one of the Shetland Islands. Any thoughts are appreciated.It is nice to have something to look forward to. My days are pretty much the same so this adds to my days for sure. I keep looking at the photos and I still can't decide. I have not had a nice tri male in a long time. The tri color is my favorite sheltie color. Well Tuesday is getting close and I will soon know. 

We have had such a good rain last night and this morning and it is just what we needed. Everything was getting so dry. The dogs sure do hate going out in the heavy rain. Except for little Zoe, she ran right out and did what she needed to do and came running in. Now Bling who is 12 has to be helped out as she does not want to get wet, she absolutely hates the rain. She does come running back in. 

My dog yard will be enlarged this fall so the dogs will get much more exercise. They do need exercise, everyone has gained a little and that is not healthy for them. Soon we will all do more running and playing ball.

I do alot of dog food researching which I love . I keep trying to find the best food possible for my budget. It is so important that we feed the best food that we can. Especially the food that the breeding girls will get. They need to be in top physical and mental health to be good moms,and have healthy pups.

I am so looking forward to puppies again. The miracle of birth is just amazing. 

Well take care and hug your dogs! They are your best friend!




Monday, August 15, 2022


 Well  it is only two weeks since I last wrote. So that is good.Lots of good stuff happening around here. I am getting a new tri male pup in another week, he will be our new stud dog. I can borrow a stud for my girls but I do prefer to have my own stud. The dogs get to know each other and are just more comfortable with each other. I have lost all my seniors but one and that is Bling and she is 12 years old. She seems to be very healthy. My little Rosie had bad seizures and I had to let her go. I miss her so much. She loved to help with the puppies. I am breeding Quinn and Skye this fall and I am so ready for pups. I miss having them around, lots of work but lots of joy too. Just watching them grow and develop is exciting and amazing how nature works. Quinn has had a couple of misses but it was the stud dog, Walter had gone sterile and I did not know it until after the breeding. Then the stud dog that I borrowed was not at all interested so she did not get bred. I will be breeding her to my stud Charlie who I co own with my friend Harriet. We should have pups and I will have to borrow a stud for Skye. Once my new boy is grown up and is the dog that I hope he will be I will be all set here. There are two boys that I will choose from and from pictures I am torn. Once seeing them I will know.

Zoe will have someone close to her age to play with, although Skye plays with her all the time. Skye is so good to her and gentle. I think that she will be a good mother.I am so glad that the heat and humidity are gone. This cool air makes it easy to be productive  and I can get things done that I have been putting off. I am finally enlarging my dog yard. The dogs will have so much more running room and I will be able to play ball with them and they love that. I can't let the dogs out unless on a leash or in the fenced yard. My road is a cut through to rte 109 and the cars and trucks just fly down the road. A dog or a child would not have a chance with the speed these guys are going. So I can't chance it. 

Another week I will have the new boy and I will post pictures here.Zoe will love having a pup more her size to play with.She is doing well with house training so it won't be like starting two young pups together. 

When Quinn and Skye are bred this fall we should have pups born in February and ready to go in April. I know it is a long way off but time sure seems to be flying.Seems like August just started and now it is half gone.

Enjoy the last of the summer and be safe!