Monday, May 3, 2021


 If you want to get some good exercise all you need are two pups to house train. And they don't have to be real close in age. I kept the little tri female, who I had hand raised from Bonnie's litter. She is a smart one and was doing so well with house training, really catching on. Then I was left an 8 week old pup when my friend Kathleen passed. This little girl needs constant watching and taking out to potty. Thankfully I have two dog yards, one is fairly small and right off the kitchen, the other is much larger and out the back door. We have a walkout basement so have to go down a flight of stairs to get out.I tried taking both pups to the small area as I did not have to do the stairs. Well that did not work, all they wanted to do is play, no way would they concentrate on what they were supposed to do .And Skye who was almost five months and just about totally trained made it impossible for Callie to concentrate and learn the words "go potty". They had to be separated so I had to do the stairs. Callie finally learned the words without Skye to bug her. Now that Callie knows what is expected maybe I can put them together again, Skye says" no way, she is my toy and I am going to play with her." So the stairs are part of the routine. I have lost three pounds which is great and the exercise is actually good for me. So thanks to Skye I am getting into shape. House training two pups is not fun, but we are getting there.Once Callie grows a little more she will be able to hold her own when out with Skye. It seems like pups take a long time to grow and develop, but not really. Looking back the time actually goes quickly and before you know it you have a gangling teenager with no hair. But it sure feels good to have pups that get all excited when you ask them to go out and potty.

Do as much training as you can at this young age. Their little brains are like sponges and absorb everything so quickly. What you train now they will remember the rest of their lives.It is so rewarding seeing them learn so fast and remember everything. Puppies are so much fun.


Friday, April 30, 2021


 It has been a hard month, the loss of Keeper and then the loss of my best friend Kathleen. She lost her three year battle to cancer. She is so missed!  Her daughters have split up the Shelties and Alicia has taken the largest group to her home in W Virginia. . There she is continuing with her mothers passion, the breeding and raising of quality Shelties. The younger daughter also has 6 Shelties and will continue on in Fryeburg, Maine. The girls will work hard to keep their mothers passion going. 

Kathleen left me an eight week old pup. I certainly could not refuse such a gift. She has become best friends with Skye! The two of them keep each other going most of the day. House breaking two young pups sure is a challenge. Although Skye is almost trained and about ninety percent reliable. 

Topaz is keeping me in suspense as she did with her previous litter. I keep saying any day now. She is ruling my life. I can't leave her alone for any length of time. She is getting me up at least once during the night, hopefully we will have strong healthy pups and everyone will sleep during the night. I am so ready, these four thirty am mornings are getting very hard to handle. 

Once Topaz's pups have left, and I do plan to keep one this time, I plan to take a year off and see how I feel about breeding. I am ready for a very long break. 

Our Sheltie club has been in existence sine 1982. A long time and most of us who are still members are getting older. We need some new faces and new ideas to keep the club going on into the future. We would love some new people who are interested in learning more about the breed. We have programs for everyone's interest. We have educational events, fun events, some of the members show in conformation and obedience. Many are involved in agility and just having fun with their Shelties.  First and foremost they are our pets and friends. 

Everyone is welcome to attend the meetings and most meetings our Sheltie friends can also attend.

I hope to be more active with the blog. I am happy to answer any Sheltie related questions. If you need help with something, don't hesitate to ask.