Wednesday, February 27, 2019


It has been seven days since I have been on here, don't know where the time goes. I wish the weather was leaving here just as fast.  I actually have to take Keeper by the rough and guide him out the door, he hates the cold so much. He has been house training so well but with it so cold the last trip out at night, he just stands and scratches at the door. Once this cold goes I can leave him out longer and he will not have an accident during the night. It is not all the time just when it is so cold. I usually leave them all out for about half an hour before bed and that works well for everyone. The last few days with the wind and the temperatures I have not been able to do that. 
Topaz is taking her time and she seems to be following the book and hopefully she will follow it right through whelping. It would be nice for her to have a very easy whelping for her first litter. I believe that there are more than two pups, just from feeling and that would be a good thing. They may not be as large and that would be best. Very large first pups are hard for the girls to deliver. Fingers crossed this is not the case. Waiting is so hard and I feel like it has been a long time. Mother Nature knows what she is doing and I just need to be patient. 
Will do a little brushing today, it is peaceful and takes my mind away from Topaz.
They are all shedding and have been for awhile. It is very unusual that the dogs start to shed in January. To me this has been an unusual winter and very long. 
Once the pups arrive I will be busy with them, handling them even before their eyes open and just enjoying the miracle of life. Puppies are so precious and you can just sit and watch them for hours. They need supplemental heat for the first two weeks as they don't regulate their body temperature.  They get a lot of warmth from mom but we do run a heat lamp above the whelping pen to keep the room around 80 degrees. I also use a heating pad and they will search out the heat and pig pile on the pad. Instinct is an amazing thing. 
Hopefully by Saturday I will have news of the pups arrival.


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