Friday, March 15, 2019


It has been quite some time since I have written.  Topaz was due mid to late February and I was beginning to worry about her, she was past her due date, yet all seemed to be fine and she was not in any stress. I started sleeping on the couch so I could hear her, but nothing happened.  So I got out the baby monitor for my bedroom and set it up next to the puppy pen where Topaz sleeps at night.  This way I could get some sleep and still wake up when I heard sounds down stairs. Every time I heard her I would get up and go check on her. Needless to say I was not getting the sleep that I needed. As we headed into March I was quite worried but she was not in distress at all. The pups just were not ready to come.
Finally the evening of March 5, Topaz still seemed fine, I put her to bed and at 11 pm heard a lot of digging and moving around. She was in labor, and now to just sit and wait and watch. Finally by 1 am I could see a little foot poking out.  This pup was coming breech but we needed both feet to come. Just what I needed  in the middle of the night. Fortunately I had recently read Myra Savant Harris's book on reproduction and the section on stuck pups. I put on a glove and went in to feel for the other foot. I could feel it and was able to pull it down some. Topaz was also pushing, finally both feet appeared, I was so relieved as I knew that the pup would come now. It was a larger pup and Topaz was really pushing, I had learned a method to help massage the birth canal to help move the pup down, it worked and shortly the pup arrived. The first one always seems to be the biggest and the hardest to deliver. Thankfully all was well. It was a little boy. Between 1 am and 3:30 am she delivered four more pups. Only one was a little large but had no trouble being born. Finally we were on our way. I would give Topaz a little vanilla ice cream between pups, the ice cream gives her some calcium which helps  to keep the contractions going, also a little fluid for her and glucose for the pups.
A little after 3;30 all was well, Topaz was resting and the pups were trying to nurse.
Now the pups are a week and a half old and growing like weeds. A few more days the eyes and ears will open and they will become aware of the world. It is so wonderful to watch them when they first see and hear. I will post when that event occurs. Topaz is very young and not too sure about being a mom so I spend a lot of time sitting with her while she cares for the pups. She is learning but it is slow. I am tired but all so worth it.
                                        TOPAZ AND PUPS, MARCH 6, 2019
                                               FOUR GIRLS AND ONE BOY

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