Saturday, February 16, 2019


Another weekend rolls around and I know all of you who work are happy for it. For the dogs and me it is just another day. The dogs especially who live in the now, they don't care about which day it is, yesterday they don't care about and tomorrow they don't think about. It is hard to live that way but I sure do try. They have had their morning treat and are now laying around the kitchen in their favorite spots. Every now and then they jump up and ask for breakfast, I tell them it is not time yet and they are good and go lie down. Sometimes Bonnie and Bling play for awhile, I know that Bling is going back into her puppy days by the way she rolls around on the floor with Bonnie. Yesterday she again chased her empty breakfast dish all over the floor, she makes me laugh. Walter is fascinated with my cat Girly and is getting better with her and she is much more brave as she will go right up to him, if he gets too rough  she will let him know that behavior is not acceptable. I have finally found a treat that Bonnie loves, so now her training can continue in full force. Hot dogs and she gets so excited, the little tiny dog treats did nothing for her. Some of my dogs do not like hot dogs, the texture bothers them, they will chew like gum and then spit out. Bonnie will do anything for a piece of hot dog. I expect our training will move along quickly. 
Now if I could get rid of all the snow they could start getting the exercise that they need. I have a huge fenced area with agility equipment and I am looking forward to setting it all up and getting the dogs out. We probably still have about ten inches of snow so I guess it will be awhile. In the meantime I need to set up the whelping area and pen for Topaz. I expect that we will have pups by the end of the month. She is looking like a stuffed sausage. It has been nineteen months since our last litter and I am really excited about the pups.I love raising and socializing the pups. I could sit and watch them all day.  New life is so amazing, you can't help but believe in a greater good out there. I definitely will have photos when the pups arrive. 
Well Rosie is letting me know that it is now time for their breakfast and if I don't get going they will all start complaining. 
Guess that I need to end for now.

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