Saturday, February 9, 2019


Well today Topaz is finally showing that she is expecting. I am really excited for this litter and I am praying for an easy time for Topaz. I know she will be a good mother as she is a sweet dog and gentle. Sometimes she will grab my arm and she never puts any pressure on it. Kind of like a cat and its love bite. She went off her food for a full week and I suspected that she was pregnant but I was not positive. Now I have no doubts. I will start getting her whelping pen ready and all the supplies that I need. It has been a long time since we had  puppies here so this is a big event for us. 
It is cold and blustery today and the dogs really do not want to go out. I put them out for a few minutes just to potty and they are immediately scratching at the door to come in. Especially Keeper as he hates the cold. Keeper is the sire to this coming litter but I am sure that he could care less. The tips of the pine trees are all frosted with ice and they sparkle in the sun, it is a wonder that the ice does not fall off with the wind. 
Bling was so funny this morning, she loves to rub against the pen that I keep around the furnace, so that they don't get too close, she is rubbing her back along the pen and you could see it just felt so good and she is really into it. All of a sudden her legs went out from under her and the look of shock on her face was so precious. She righted herself and continued with the back rub. She is a funny girl and keeps me laughing. She will play with Bonnie who is her granddaughter, and plays just like a puppy. She is going to be 9 in June and she seems to be going backwards in age. I am so happy for her that she is having fun and is becoming a very happy dog. 
My seniors are all aging well. Keeper will be 9 on February 23, Max will be 13 on March 4 and Bling will be 9 in June. Brooke turned 9 last December and Rosie was 7 last October. I still hope for Rosie to have a litter. She is a lovely girl and has such a wonderful personality. We will try one more time before she is actually too old.
My three young dogs have great personalities and do keep me laughing but often get themselves into trouble. 
My seniors keep me laughing, they can be so funny and they rarely get into trouble. 
So I guess what I need to say is that the puppy you get, will some day be a senior, and he needs to be a senior with you. The puppy that comes to your home is for life. Dogs are not disposable items, they are special, with spirits and souls.They are another species and they do adapt so easily to our life styles and they give their all for us. We owe it to them to keep them through their senior years. Some breeders retire their dogs into wonderful homes where they can live out their senior years and this is a good thing. If they did not do this there would no longer be a nice selection of pups from your favorite breed. The adopt and don't shop thing has gone a little too far. When you purchase a well bred pup from a reputable breeder you know that you are getting a healthy pup, with health tested parents and you know what the puppy will turn out to be, not only in looks but in temperament too. You know that you will have many good years with your puppy and your breeder will be there for you to help out with any questions or issues for the life of your dog. Most definitely that is worth a lot.
Guess that is it for now. I need to get busy and do something a little more productive today, maybe like brushing shelties. 
Keep warm!
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