Friday, February 1, 2019


The last couple of days it has been so bitter cold that I have to actually help my senior dogs go out. They hate the cold, stepping in freezing snow and just generally don't want to go out. I feel so bad for them but they have to go out. I am really hoping for a nice February thaw. They will more readily go out and can spend a little time in the sunshine. 
After I have everyone out, Keeper will stand there and give me such a look that says, " you really aren't serious are you?"You can just see it in his eyes and he will just stand there and hope that I forget about going out.
I will be sitting at the computer and feel this nose resting on my knee and it is Keeper, he goes where ever I am. Such a love. 
I am teaching Bonnie the stairs, she is getting too big to carry. I stand her on the first step and get a hold of her ruff and help her up to the next step. If I am holding her she will do the first five steps and when we get to the landing I let go and she goes up the next five no problem. She just does not want to start the steps on her own. She is seven months and really should be doing the stairs without help. She must be a little afraid and it will come in time.
Little Lisa who is visiting is as sweet as can be. I sit on the floor to brush the young ones and Lisa comes right over, she would stand there for hours while brushing, she just loves it. She will be going home next week, I will miss her but it will be nice to have just my own dogs here. It is too easy to get attached to a visitor.
Topaz appears to be pregnant and I am very excited. It has now been 19 months since we have had puppies here. I really miss raising the pups. They are so awesome when their eyes and ears open, they start to discover the world around them. I can spend hours watching.
Another 10 degrees and it may be warm enough to get out today.
They say there is a thaw coming soon and the dogs and I are so ready.
                                                              First Meal

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