Tuesday, February 12, 2019


I will try this post one more time, there must be some problem with blogger as I typed it yesterday and lost it, I retyped it and posted it and then it disappeared again, after it showed in the blog. Not sure I can remember all that I wrote but I did talk about my seniors and how I have spoiled them.
Before I get into that I have to tell you how funny Bling was this  morning. We were downstairs and I was making their breakfast.  I have a gate between the kennel room where I make the food, because if I did not the seniors would be in there all over me.
So since they have learned to open the gate I use a bungee to keep it closed.  The young ones are in their crates so not a problem. I looked over at the gate and there is Bling, her front feet on the bungee and it is sliding down the gate and she is sliding with it. She did it again, she finds the funniest things to do,  she can really entertain herself. 
Now back to my spoiled seniors. After they have their breakfast they go out to potty and then come back in and up into the kitchen while I have my breakfast. I usually have oatmeal with a banana, but I split the banana with them. They each get a chunk of it and they love it. I put aside some oatmeal to cool for them after I eat. After my breakfast they get really excited and start barking. I split up the extra oatmeal between all of them, they each get a small plate and are pretty good about not stealing each others. They eat their breakfast and dinner in their own dish and they respect each others dish, they do not try to steal food. Although Rosie will  stand next to Max while he is still eating and when he is done she licks his dish hoping for a crumb. 
They have been getting their oatmeal for awhile now and once the young ones are good at not stealing from each others dish I don't know if I can keep up this routine. That would be a lot of oatmeal to make each morning. Time will tell on that. Once the dogs have a routine it is really hard to change it. They are very routine oriented. When it gets to be about 4 pm they know it is time for dinner and they don't hesitate to let me know.
I understand routine, as I am a very routine person too. I would really miss my coffee hour in the morning, with my shelties, it gets my day off to a good start. 
More snow coming and I am so ready for spring, I would be very happy if I did not have to run my snow blower again this year. 
The dogs are ready for spring too, at minus two this morning they did not want to go out and it did feel so cold. 
Hopefully this does post this time, I don' think I can rewrite again, the rewrites never come out the same.
                                                         Cookies Anyone??

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