Tuesday, February 5, 2019


Lisa is not one of my Shelties but visiting to be bred. She is the sweetest of all Shelties.
She had many things to learn while here. Most importantly coming up the stairs to the kitchen. She had never used stairs before, so I started carrying her up. I did not want to leave her downstairs when everyone else was up in the kitchen. They have all learned the words "go kitchen" and they fly up, as there are always treats waiting for them.
It was getting difficult to carry her up all the time. So I started to teach her the stairs. I would put her down at the first step and help her up that one step, praising all the while she was moving a  foot up. Finally she would go up the first five steps and she was so proud of herself. Her tail wagged and she barked as I made a big deal of her going up. Now for the second five, there is a landing between the two sets of steps. The second set seemed harder for her to do. I would encourage her to put a foot up and she tried. It took her a little longer to master this set. When at last she did all the steps at one time we had a party upstairs and she was so excited. Just about turned in side out and was so proud. I love seeing the dogs accomplish something that was a difficult task. They were all coming up after their supper last night and Lisa got to the second set, put up one foot and made the cutest little yodel I have ever heard. She wanted help so I went down and started one foot on the step and up she went.
Yesterday was brushing day and I completely brushed, trimmed long hair on feet and did their nails. Lisa loves brushing, even standing on the table. She would have stood there all morning as long as I kept brushing.  I wish that all the dogs enjoyed brushing the way she does. I did get five dogs done and only three more to go. This is an ongoing process, in two or three weeks you start all over again. Brushing keeps their coats so pretty and healthy looking. And I always feel good when I have accomplished so much.
Lisa will be going home soon and we will miss her. I think that she had a good time and maybe someday she will come back for a visit.
Oh and by the way the dogs loved the warm weather.
The grooming table makes grooming your dog easy and it sure saves your back.

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