Saturday, February 2, 2019


Minus 15 this  morning, so very cold. I did tell all the dogs that it will be warming up soon and they will be able to spend a little time outside, with some sunshine.  I think they understood as they scratched at the back door to come in after five minutes. I just can't envision all the dogs that are left outside in this weather and the wild life, how they cope. Hypothermia can set in so quickly and their feet can freeze. Anyway they now know that it is going to get warm and they are so excited. Especially Keeper, I believe he hates the cold more than any Sheltie I have ever know. 
I am turning over a new leaf and really trying to live in the  now, just like my dogs do. They really have it right, no yesterday and no worries about tomorrow. They are incredibly intuitive, and just know how to live. They face each day with new excitement and are so happy to have the day. That is what I hope to do.
Today will be a really happy day for the dogs as my granddaughter is coming to visit and her favorite thing to do is to play with the dogs and they love it and her so much.
She taught Walter to do the high five and I am hoping she will teach some of the other young ones to do the high five. Walter thinks it is just great! 
I need to set aside an hour every day to get in some training time. They love the one on one and to really learn they need the consistency of every day training. You would be amazed at how fast they learn, just fifteen minutes twice a day and you can teach them almost anything. I am setting aside an hour only because I have the three young ones to train, and they need the basics. I used to take Bonnie out to the agility area to train and she did awesome but with the cold settling in I have been lax with her training so now to get back to it. Topaz learned to sit with hand signal in five minutes one afternoon. I will put more training aside for her until she has her babies,  she will be busy for several weeks.
Need to get moving this morning, a few things to get done before my granddaughter arrives. Keep warm and don't leave your pups outside for more than a few minutes to do their business. They get cold just like we do!



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Karen Curtis said...

Brrr! I love to read about your thoughts on each dog for training!