Wednesday, February 20, 2019


The dogs have been off the wall the past few days and I know it is cabin fever. Then again it could be the full moon that we have had for a few days. Maybe it affects them in some way I don't know about. Once the moon wanes we will see how the dogs are behaving. I know they need more exercise for sure. It has been snow covered here since before Thanksgiving and almost impossible for them to really run. They need to get out and just run for the fun of running.They need to do zoomies and burn off the energy that has built up through the winter. It will be awhile before we can get into the agility area and with the temperature at minus eight this morning it will be awhile before we have any significant melting. They got me up at 5:15 this morning and it must have been the light of the moon that woke them up so early. I am thinking that next summer I should enlarge the dog yard that is right off the house so when they play out there they will have more room to run.
They all went out first time this morning at 5:30 and within a few minutes Keeper was scratching at the back door. He gets  such a sad look on his face when I make him go out into the cold. He will be nine years old in a few days and I can't say that I blame him in the least for hating the cold. I hate it too. They have so many feelings and expressions that we have. Dogs are a lot more intuitive and smarter than you think. They do think, sometimes you can just see them thinking and making choices.
Topaz is doing well, she is uncomfortable and her temperature is dropping. By Friday I will know more what her temperature is doing and hopefully will have the pups in a few days from then.She did not finish her dinner last night and I think just not feeling hungry and not enough room for a full meal. It is always so exciting to see new life and realize what an amazing event it is. 

                                                         Think spring!!!!

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