Thursday, March 28, 2019


The pups had their very first meal yesterday. Today they will have two meals and I will be using goats milk along with puppy mush food. This weekend they will get their first worming. They did quite well with lapping their food. So they are ready even though a little young, it is normal to start food between three and four weeks.
Their personalities are coming out, they try to play with each other and it is so funny, they are still a little wobbly and often just fall over. They are starting to climb on the rail of the puppy pen, they will soon be very agile. They bark, they growl and they howl which is the funniest thing you have ever heard.
It is so nice to have my sister from California visiting. It has been a year and a half with no one in the house but my shelties and that is ok but really nice to be able to carry on a conversation.
I do talk to the dogs all the time and sometimes I think they know what I am talking about. 
Another week and the pups can have visitors and that will be good for them to meet more people. My granddaughter will be here on Saturday and they will get all kinds of attention.
Two girls that I have here for breeding will be going home next week and we will have a peaceable kingdom again. My Shelties are very much routine oriented and when out of their normal schedule things get a little hectic around here. 
We are still buried in snow, it is melting slowly but still not enough to get out to the exercise area. Soon I hope.
We have bred Rosie but I am not sure this will work and I am not counting on her but if she should have pups one of those will stay here. She is the last of a very old line that I would like to keep.
Need to get started with morning chores and wishing a wonderful day for all.



Sheltie Lover said...

I just discovered your blog! Thank you for writing it. It's great to hear about life with so many shelties. I have just one, Luna, and she's ten. We adopted her from Atwater's Sheltie Blessings when she was six. Best wishes from Vermont, Rhoda Carroll

Sheltie Lover said...

Thank you for your blog. I love reading about life with shelties.