Monday, March 25, 2019


Just a quick update on the pups. They are growing fast and eating so well. Mom is beginning to learn what it is to be a  mom. By her next litter she should be all set, hopefully!
I should have more pictures soon. They have their eyes open and their ears are open and now for socialization. They hear us come into the room now and get right up. They are walking but a little wobbly. Just way too cute!
I hope to have time to write a little more this afternoon.
It is very busy now, my sister is visiting and I have two girls visiting for breeding. 
Looking forward to the weather really warming up.
All for now and hope to be back soon.

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Sheltie Smiles said...

Dear Jody,

Hello and congratulations on your beautiful puppies! Enjoy your special time together and I will look forward to your next writings because I enjoy reading your blog. Take care.


Cindy D.