Sunday, December 29, 2019


Making the right decisions for a dog that needs a new home is really difficult. You want what is best for the dog but also for the dogs that may already be in the home. So many dynamics to think of. Sometimes if  the dog in the home has been your only one for some time and has become possessive of you it may be hard to bring in another dog that is not a very young pup. The new dog needs are great for the first month or so and you want to have harmony in the  home. So I believe that when you have a dog that has been your only companion and is very bonded with you it may be easier to bring in a young puppy. All dogs are different and I want to make the transition easy for my dog who is going to a new home. Every one needs to be happy including current dogs. My Finn has been looking for a home for awhile and it has been a very hard decision. I have found a very Sheltie savvy home and they do not have any other dogs. Finn will get all the attention and time and that will make his settling in much easier. I am sad to see Finn go but I am happy with the home. He will get so much more than what I give him. Being so hard to let go it feels good when you can give them more in the new home than what they get from me. Finn did get too tall to be shown or bred. But he will have a wonderful life. As time goes on I may let one or two more go who would really benefit from a new home.
The only way I can truly be fair to my dogs is to have less and that is not an easy task. It is going to be so very hard to not keep a pup this time. Especially if I have one like Finn that is smaller.
I am going to try very hard to get great homes for my pups and not keep one. 
I hope to get back into classes this spring and you can't take them all to class. So choices have to be made. Who would benefit the most from the class and is it one who has the potential to go on and possibly compete. So my New Years resolution is to get busy and work with Walter. I believe he needs the most and has already had quite a lot of training and with more could possibly compete. So time will tell with him.He really does not like living in a pack. I know he would be better with one or two dogs. But first things first, the training and living in the house as a full time house dog. I think that he would love that. 
As you can see it is so good that I have the dogs. Much to think about and much to do with them. I would be lost with out them. As soon as Walters focus is no longer on the girls we will get started with his training. I will keep a journal so I know what he does well and what he needs for more work. I hope that the attention will help him to be happier living with the others.
A busy New Year coming up. I also plan to sit down and finish my book, if I put my mind to it I can have it ready for editing by the end of January. It is way overdue.
I think that I will give Brooke a good brushing while watching the football game. 
Happy New Year to all!

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