Thursday, December 26, 2019


Hope you all had a very happy Christmas. I often stay up until midnight to hear the animals talk but did not make it this year, guess it is just too late for me now.
When I was about 13 years old my Dad raised Collies and we had sheep and a couple of horses and I always went out to the barn Christmas eve to listen to the animals. I have always believed that the animals do talk, we just have to listen.
My Shelties had a good Christmas, a little meat in their food which they loved and a new big box of biscuits. The fur in the house has not been too bad as I have groomed all but two of my seniors. I plan to do that today. It really has been an odd year for blowing of coats, they blew coat in August/September and now again in December, just very strange. 
Many decisions to make for the New Year. A new home for Finn when I find the perfect place.
And maybe a home for Walter, he would be happier not living with a pack. He just wants to be with people and be in the house all the time. So will see what comes about. I co-own him with my granddaughter so much of the decision involves her.
The girls have been bred and I am hopeful for puppies late February. I really enjoy pups, even though a lot of work, I love having them. I am proud of the pups that I have, they are healthy in mind and body and it is awesome to see them turn into such beautiful adults.To see them become loving family companions!
Today I am taking a break, just spending time with the dogs. I am ready for a do nothing day.
Christmas is very different since my husband passed, I doubt it will ever be the same again.
So many new ways to adjust to. Thankfully my Shelties are still here for me and they don't change. They are wonderful companions and friends.
Hope the new year is good to all of you. 
I wish you all Happiness, Health and Prosperity in 2020.
All for now.

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