Saturday, December 14, 2019


I should not be amazed by what puppies get into but this was a new one for me. I am sitting at the computer and here this clinking noise, I definitely had to check that out. At first I could not find it , and then another clink. There is Dede the 6 month old visiting pup playing with the metal ring on the hearth. She was having a blast making the ring clink. She was fascinated with it. I don't know if she took it off the heat valve or if one of the others got it off and she grabbed it. But they were all trying to take it from her. What fun they were having and I was going to spoil it all, if I could get my hand down into the mass of all the open mouths. I finally outsmarted all of them. I have steam heat and the valves have these metal rings around the base, they are split in two pieces and it never crossed my mind that this could become a play toy. I am willing to bet the 6 month old took it off. Although the adults sometimes amaze me at what they do, as if they are still young pups. 
Dede the six month old pup is Finns sister that I am keeping for a friend. Actually they are 7 months now, time really flies. Two litter mates are a challenge, thankfully I house trained Finn early and he learned the stairs really quickly. 
I love these dogs and enjoy them so much but I think it is time to not grow out any more pups, a tremendous amount of work, but also so much joy!
I may put a few things out for Christmas this year, the first year since Len's passing that I feel a little like doing something for Christmas. I would love to get a group photo with red bows on everyone but that will never work. Maybe I will just do it with the seniors, that would work.

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