Monday, December 2, 2019


This morning when I let the dogs out Deedee the pup did not want to step in the snow and Finn her brother was ready to jump and catch snow flakes. He had a blast. The other dogs have all seen snow before. Brooke will be 10 soon and still does not like to get her feet wet or into the snow. I have to gently push her out. I have decided to find Finn a nice home. He is already 16 inches and at 6 months that is too tall to show or to breed eventually. I am looking for a good home and would like a performance home or one where he would get a little training. He is a really sweet pup and very smart. If I am patient the right home will come along for him. It is disappointing and hard to let go but will be the best for him. I usually just keep Shelties that I can show and breed. Unfortunately the Sheltie standard is 13 to 16" and any size over 16 or under 13 is a disqualification for show and breeding. That makes it hard as some really beautiful dogs are over 16 inches. And I get attached so it is important to get a really loving and safe home.
It is quite cold today but the snow has let up for now. Really hoping that it does not start up again. I am just not ready to get the snow blower out, although it is all ready to go. Hopefully it will warm up some and the snow will melt. 
Thankfully the dogs don't really  mind the snow and they do like to play in it. I need to make sure that all their feet are trimmed so they don't get little ice balls between their toes. When the feathering on their feet gets too long the snow and ice really stick. I call the long hair their snowshoes. 
I am going to make a schedule for training and try to work two of the young dogs every other day and then the other two on the off days. Maybe that way I can get everyone doing the basics. I would love to have them all sit and wear a red ribbon and have their picture taken for Christmas. So sit and stay will be my priority to start with. They will need a really good stay for the pictures. I don't have much time before Christmas. 
This is a hard time of year for me as I really miss Len and he so loved Christmas.I should try to get back into Christmas for his sake. 
Maybe this will be the year.
Pictured below is Finn. He is an awesome pup and very smart. I would love someone interested in training to get him. They would have so much fun.

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