Sunday, January 5, 2020


Finn is in his new home and starting to adjust. He has a wonderful family that is very patient with him and spending a lot of time with him. He will adjust quickly with all the attention. They are  very knowledgeable Sheltie people. This is when you know that you made the right decision. I could not be  more pleased to know that Finn is in the best place possible.  
Finn is one of the prettiest dogs I have ever had and I had high hopes for him. This home is better than anything I could do for him. 
Things are finally becoming a little more peaceful here as the girls have been bred and are now out of heat and the boys are all getting back to normal. A very wild time for sure. Hopefully one of the girls will take. I am looking forward to puppies again. I love watching them develop and blossom into beautiful little Shelties. Now to watch for signs of pregnancy.
I have decided to keep a journal for Walter. It will help me stay focused on my training and remembering how the last session went. He is a smart boy and loves to learn. I hope we get a lot done before pups come as then my time will be taken up with the pups.  They will need  so much as they grow, handling, socializing, grooming. 
Now that Finn is settled and I do not have to worry about him, I can move on with the others.
The next couple of weeks I will be scrubbing down my kennel room, floors, walls and crates, it needs a good cleaning. It always feels so good to have things sparkling clean and organized. Especially organized!  
The kids are telling me that it is time for breakfast. I am a little behind schedule this morning.
So far Rose, Sam and Walter have all come up and told me it is time to eat.
So I will write more later and get them fed before chaos breaks out. They are not very patient but doing very well with waiting this morning.
All for now!

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