Saturday, November 23, 2019


Even for a temporary visit adding to the pack can be challenging. I have taken on two Shelties to help my friend through the winter. The whole routine is disrupted, the new dogs need to forget their old routine and become part of the pack. The puppy does not understand which door to come into and to stay in while the others are coming in. She runs in and then runs back out.I get a treat and go get her which can be a chase, but now as I approach her she sits and I praise her for the sit and pick her up. By this time the others are all in and making their way upstairs. Thankfully Finn has learned the stairs as for now I need to carry the puppy up. She needs to be more settled in before I try to show her how to do the stairs. They can be scary and that she does not need. I am thrilled that she is sitting as I approach her as she will learn the sit quickly. Being Finns sister I expect her to be as smart as he is. He picked up basic training so easily. I love working with hm. Now that Sammy is back I will continue with his house training and hopefully he will make the connection. He is a good boy and wants to please so I am hoping that this time it will be easier for him.In the morning I take my dogs out as I usually do and then Walter on a leash as he gets over aroused with all the commotion of the dogs going out. Once Walter is out I go pick up the pup Deedee and let Sammy out of his crate and they are the last two to go out. Letting everyone out all at once is too chaotic. My seniors have the small dog yard at the side of the house now so they do not have to go downstairs, this is really helpful. Walter and Sammy have accepted each other well for two teenage boys.The one who is really in charge in the house is Keeper and he does not hesitate to let the others know that what they are doing is not acceptable. They all respect Keeper and will back off when he gives a warning. I think by a week the new dogs will be well integrated and will have learned their place in the pack.  I brushed Bling yesterday and took out enough hair to make another dog. They don't usually shed this much twice in one season but it has been a strange weather year and they are all shedding again. Glory is completely brushed and bathed and her coat looks wonderful. 
The inner clocks are going off so I need to get dinner ready, it is a bout 2 minutes before 4 and they know it.
I call them my mob!

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