Sunday, November 3, 2019


This time of year, actually now and in the spring my Shelties time clocks do not work  like ours do. They are set on one time and that never changes. So at 4:30 this morning they were ready to get up. No wonder I have been so tired today. I gave them their breakfast about 7:30 this morning and of course that was not on schedule. Their inner clocks are pretty amazing. They know when it is time to go out, time to eat and time to go to bed. So for the next week or so everything will be off schedule by about an hour. It takes that much time for them to get back on schedule and it does for me also. I do wish that we could leave the time alone. 
I am hoping to have puppies early winter but my girls are all very late coming in season and I wonder what is going on. Winter is a good time for pups as they will be ready to go come spring. 
I can't say that I am really ready for another winter but everything is done that needs to be. I even had to run my generator on Friday so I know that it is in good working order. 
I really miss going to training classes and I have looked everywhere for day time classes and there is nothing in the area. Guess I will wait for spring when the days a longer and go to an evening class. I have signed up for an on line trick class for Walter and that should be fun. He loves to do a high five so I am sure he will enjoy learning other tricks and he can then be tested and earn his Novice trick title. I had Finn well trained to walk on the leash and now at 5 and 1/2 months he has decided that he does not want to walk. He sits right down and is as stubborn as a donkey, even for treats. Guess I did not do a good job when I trained him as a pup, but he loved it then. I think that I will start tricks with him too, something that will be fun and get him excited about training again. He is still on the large side but a beautiful boy. I am hoping that he will slow down soon or settle back or both. 

We may have a visitor for the four months that my friend Kathleen is in Florida. Sammy used to live here with us but had difficulties house training, I am hoping he will remember the training that we did and have an easier time locating the door. I have missed him as he was a love and still is. I am actually hoping that he does come to visit. 
I am going to take the time this winter and put my book together. I am looking forward to that and to having it published. I think that you will love some of my short stories.
With so much company this past month it is a little hard to get used to being  alone again, but I am getting into it and I am not really alone, Keeper and Brooke are next to me all the time.
Once again I hope to not let the blog go for so long. Hopefully I will have more motivation as I get back to not having company. 
And I know that my granddaughter will remind me.

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