Wednesday, October 16, 2019


I have had so much to do to get ready for my sister and brother in law from California, that I put the blog aside.  Just before they arrived my boy Max, 13 and 1/2 years old had kidney failure and I lost him. He had been my husbands best friend and slept by his hospital bed every night that my husband was fighting his cancer. Max seemed to know and he needed to be in the same room.I was not ready for this loss but I had to put my feelings aside and get ready for my sister's visit. I enjoyed the visit and it was so nice to have others in the house to talk to and get help with so many chores that I have in October to get ready for winter. My brother in law checked out my vehicle and we had some work done on it and that gave me great peace of mind.  Now they are back in California and I am getting ready for another visit from my sister who lives in S.Carolina. My dogs will be able to have their normal  routine as my sister is flying in and not bringing her dog. My sister from California drove their motor home across country and brought their two German Shepherds.My Shelties were not too sure about the Shepherds. Rosie did not get too close, she kept telling me that they were too big and she would roll her eyes. She was too funny.Keeper took it all in stride and often would stay out of the living room, plus two large Shepherds took up most of the floor space.
Grooming is an on going chore and I hope to get everyone into the tub before winter really sets in. My dogs have all been to training classes and have seen many breeds but they have not been in their home and their living room. Rosie has very expressive eyes and she kept looking at me like "ok when do I get my home back?"
Hopefully I will be more faithful to my blog. I do enjoy the writing. Max is the Sheltie on the front page of the blog. He is so missed but I know that he is in heaven with his best friend.

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Karen Curtis said...

Nice to see some new writing on the blog Jody, I'm sorry about Max, he was beautiful
Karen Curtis