Thursday, November 14, 2019


I know this is kind of crazy to write about but I have been on a search for dog biscuits, that are healthy, no additives of any kind and grain free. I think that I have tried every kind of biscuit that there is for dogs. Of course the dogs have tried them and they love them all. Well I wanted something not too big,  no preservatives and healthy ingredients and preserved naturally.
Well I have finally found them, they are called Wag More,Bark Less. They are grain free, have pea flour, canola oil, flax seed, peanut butter and apple. The dogs went crazy over them. They are not too big and not small, some are star shaped with happy faces and others are round with dogs sleeping under a cloud. They look like homemade cookies. It makes me happy to find something that the dogs really love. Funny how little things can mean so much.
Sammy is coming back to visit for the winter months. I am looking forward to seeing him again and maybe I will be able to house train this time. Also Finn's sister is coming to visit too. I will be doing some training with her. I am doing this to help out my friend, Kathleen. Just don't want to get too attached to them. I know that I will. Sammy and Walter will have to readjust to each other and hopefully they will get along well. 
Well it is time to feed dinner and the dogs clocks are going off. They always know when it is dinner time, more so than breakfast time. Breakfast can fluctuate about half an hour or so.
But if dinner is late they sure let me know. Hopefully warm enough tomorrow to walk.
All for now.


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