Friday, November 22, 2019


Went to visit my friend Kathleen, Illusion Farm Shelties, I brought home Sammy and Deedee for the winter. She has a lot of Shelties and needed to take a couple less.Two are going to another friend and Sammy and Deedee will be here. I don't really need two more dogs but I wanted to help. Sammy seems very happy to be back here. Deedee is Finns sister and I will do some training with her. Just some basics,while I continue to work with Finn. I plan to join Susan Garrett's on line training program again this winter. It is a very motivating program. It will keep me on track with the young dogs.
Almost dinner time and every one is sleeping and being good. As soon as I say the dinner word they will be up and raring to go.
The rain is finally leaving and I see some sun, now that it is ready to set. Hopefully my dog yard will dry out tomorrow. The dogs don't seem to mind the wet and rain but I don't like for them to get very wet.I am so looking forward to some warm days, at least a few before winter really hits. Can't believe how the dogs are shedding again. Brushed  out Bling completely today and got a shopping bag full of hair. It is so late in the year for this.
Well I do need to get feeding, they are now getting antsy. 
All for now!

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