Monday, September 3, 2018

No Ambition Today, too Hot and Humid!!

Seems like I just can't keep up the way I would like to. I know my granddaughter would not be happy with my missing so many days of writing.
The new pup Bonnie is settling in very nicely. Took her out to the agility area this morning and she loves to run the zoomies, she goes just as fast as she possibly can. 
I have three of my friends dogs here to help her out so it is pretty hectic. My friend Kathleen just had surgery for breast cancer and needs to take it real easy for the next four weeks and no lifting. I have two of her young girls and one of her stud dogs here for awhile. 
And today we are back into the heat and humidity which seems to zap all my motivation. I have such good intentions when I get started in the morning. They slowly melt away as the morning goes on.
There is a walking trail that was built not far from my house and I did get Keeper out for a walk yesterday. After the walk we played ball for awhile in the agility area and he loved it. He was not happy with the  bikers that went by but with more exposure he is will be ok. He did a little obedience with me on the walk and he really loves to work. He is so pleased with himself when he does  it right.
The two girls that are visiting are in season and are here to be bred and needless to say Luke is not very happy, as there is not a girl for him. He is off his feed and he howls at bedtime. Another week and the girls will be done and all will be normal around here.
I had planned to walk some this week but with the heat and humidity I don't think it will happen. Right now the dogs are all laying  around me while I sit at the computer and the air conditioner is running. They love the cool air. Soon I will go upstairs and get the air running for the cat. This house does not have an attic so the upstairs does get very hot. 
Today is Labor Day and since it is a holiday I don't feel so bad about not getting much accomplished, I have a hard time making myself work on a holiday, just something from the past as when I was growing up we always had a cookout on a holiday. Those days have been gone for a long time. The young people of today don't seem to do those family things. 
That has nothing to do with the dogs, just an observation. 
School starts tomorrow and I hope my grand kids have a really good first day of school. I will be thinking of them and remembering what it was like when the long summer was over. 
I think tonight I will do a little dog grooming and at least get something accomplished. The dogs will appreciate that. It has been a hard summer for double coated dogs, as the Shelties are, with a soft furry undercoat and a long outer coat. 
Maybe I will get a little ambitious this evening and write more about the dogs.

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