Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Peace and Quiet

Finally I am able to take my friends Shelties back to her. Glamour had her pups and all the girls are bred. The peace and quiet of living with my own dogs will feel so good. I have had extra dogs here since late August. I am glad that I could help out my friend but I am tired and ready to get back to my normal routine, playing with Bonnie the puppy, walking Rosie when I can.  My kids all need grooming and I have to get into that and get everyone done.  I want to paint my dog room before winter also. After this year with so much dog activity and rain and mud, it is in need of a good cleaning and paint. I also have to decide if I should get more patio blocks or some kennel decking for the dog yard. I need to do something to get rid of the mud. My dog room would be so much cleaner if I could get rid of the mud. It really bothers me and the dogs get dirty every time it rains.
Tomorrow a friend is coming with me to help load up the dogs and take them back to Illusion Farm in Maine. It is wonderful to have the new pups here but it is time for them to go back with their mom. It is a big responsibility, they are thriving, eating really well and nice and fat and round. Very healthy pups. At two days you can't tell much more than that.
Glamour is an excellent mom and that really helps. It has been raining all day and wish it would stop. The dogs hate having to go out in the rain but no choice before bed time.
Time to face the rain and get everyone ready for bed. 


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