Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Off to a good start today. This is a very busy place with three girls here for breeding and having three stud dogs here makes for a three ring circus. I have to juggle dogs coming and going as only one stud is being used and the other two are not very happy. By this time next week there will be peace here. 
I am really ready for that and it will be peaceful even with my 9 Shelties. The others will be going home. 
My own girl Rosie was bred a couple of weeks ago so she is no longer a temptation to the boys. 
Today I need to wash down the dog room , with 12 Shelties it does tend to get messy. 
Another day of heat and humidity, makes working hard. Going to take Bonnie the puppy out to the agility area to play on some of the puppy equipment, she just loves this and at 11 weeks she is really quick. 
This afternoon when the heat and humidity are at its highest the dogs will be in the walk out basement which is very cool.
Being a widow is not easy. Every day takes an effort to get going, but I know the dogs need me and I am able to get up and get moving. My cat, Girly, is sitting on the desk right next to the keyboard. She is such good company. I love her to pieces.She gets along with most of the dogs, which is really nice. 
I am putting off getting to work this morning but maybe after a cup of tea I will get the motivation I need to clean the dog room. 
Bonnie is sleeping now and when she wakes we will go play for a little while.
My Shelties are wonderful. They keep me going.  You just can't ignore them.

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