Monday, February 1, 2021


 All my pups are settling into their new homes and some already understand house training. I am very thankful for the two families who each took a pup with a head tilt, the pups are doing very well and thriving. Thank you to everyone!

The little girl Skye is with me, she is such a character, full of herself. She makes me laugh all the time. The dogs have been so good with letting me sleep until five thirty. It really helps. 

I have really been on the fence about breeding again and Topaz is in heat, I did breed her and I believe this will be my last litter. It was hard to get motivated for this but I have so many who have been waiting for a pup. The one plus is that pups will be born in better weather. Topaz never has more than 4 or 5 pups so should be much easier than Bonnie's litter. I will be well rested by then and hopefully up to the job. 

I am ready to get my agility equipment out and do some fun things with the dogs. Hopefully the second half of this winter goes as quickly as the first half went.

Skye is learning sit and come, she is very quick and loves to do what you ask. Just too cold to take her out so will wait for a little warmer weather to get her out to potty. She is very good with the paper and goes right to it, with lots of praise. I love having the one puppy and hope you all are enjoying your pups. 

I have heard that the regular spring dog shows in Maine have been cancelled due to the covid so I guess it will be another year before we have some local shows. Maybe some virtual training and that works out pretty well.The AKC has set up some virtual shows so that you can get a title that way. If you go to the AKC website you will find many things you can do with your dog. 

Bling is finally getting used to the pup, she just does not like pups at all and I have to watch closely. All the other dogs are good with Skye. Even the other seniors, and Rosie who is nine years old will play with the pup. She has always loved puppies. Bonnie actually played with her puppy. She has not interacted with her pups since three weeks. I was happy to see her play with Skye and be nice.

Another place to find some training help is Susan Garrett's "Say Yes Dog Training blog" Lots of good ideas and for puppies too.

I am on my second cup of coffee and everyone is lying in their favorite spot, it is very peaceful this morning.

I do have to watch Topaz when I get up from the computer, she loves to get my mug, and slurp down my coffee. I forget sometimes and leave my mug on the edge of the desk. She takes every opportunity to have a sip of coffee. 

Everyone be well and be safe!

He won't talk to me!

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